Allentown, PA - Friday, August 2, 2019

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2 hours ago, DrumManTx said:

I don't disagree with SCV being in 3rd, but that spread is pretty ridiculous.  

It's interesting how many people noticed a marked improvement in SCV, yet how the judges just stuck them down in the same old place.  

May be hard to convince the slotters they weren't slotted into a slot, slottily speaking.

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Good night.  Before I say something really pissy. 

Pretty good for a rough run.  🙄

Congratulations Bluecoats! Next week is going to be fun. BTW all the corps were fun to watch. 

3 hours ago, mcjordansc said:

Blue Stars have everything a corps needs to score well finals week. Very well designed show and strong in all sections. I expect they will be spectacular next Saturday. No one behind them now will catch them. Blue Knights and Blue Stars will be very close for 7th. 

I don't know. If Mandarins can get it together and have a good Prelim run, I think they can catch BS this year. I guess we'll see...

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3 hours ago, Ediker said:

It's not even close... Blue Devils' props are the best.  Very clever idea... minimalistic... versatile... highly utilized.  Very effective.  

Yes,  they are the swiss army knife of props.   Can do a bunch of different things.  Got a close up look at them in Grand Terrace CA.  Look simple on the outside, but quite complicated mechanically underneath.  A clever design.  Reminds me of the inside of a Rubik's Cube.

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I think BC amd BD split GE at finals (visual vs music). It is going to come down to the other captions (visual and music) to decide the winner. Since captions are averaged, the caption winners, still may not tell us who wins until they announce #2. My money is on BD, but it looks like it could go either way.

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Just got home to Brooklyn from Allentown. Sat 13 rows up in sec k. 


BK - Loved the musical content of their show (especially the battery). Visual impacts come far too late into the show to compliment some of the great musical moments scattered throughout the show. Although it's pretty emotionally heavy, I like the voice narrative (maybe it's just his voice). I wish it had more impact. I still think the whole show is very cinematic and poetic.

BS - It looked like a Disneyland parade when they came on the field. To me the show felt sloppy. Drill looks pretty hard though. It felt so spread out that I missed some moments/details. Mt Everest on the side is too far over. Really like the tents that pop up. It's framed the show nicely.

BD - Been following this show since the beginning and I think it's grown to such a sophisticated beast. Watching it live is everything! So many cool moments. It needs a new ending to bookend the beginning. The start has such a mystery with the masks, the light turning on and the surge of bodies encompassing the "stage". The ghost light serves a purpose when the theater is not in use but once humans returns, the ghost light goes away. Loved the show but it was missing something tonight. It's a show that if it's in the pocket, it's untouchable. 

SCV - drumline (period). Powerful hornline too much syn. Babylon part 2 with a theme of rebellion. Props and tarps are so oversaturated, I had no idea where to look. It also felt like most of the action was happening below the front hash mark. Visually it just needed to breathe a little bit. 

BC - FUN show. Confident! You can tell they really wanted it tonight. Definitely a crowd pleaser. I like the 2nd half better. The beginning felt like a cluster of moments that I couldn't appreciate because it came and left right away until it got into Eleanor Rigby. I tarp dots on the perimeter don't serve much of a purpose. I like this version of the ending the best. 

BD vs BC all the way to the finish line.

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With Boston putting up an official 92.7 on Thursday night, and Cavaliers putting up an unofficial 92.7 on Wednesday night (giving them two and a half uninterrupted rehearsal days to prepare for Allentown day 2) , and Crown so close to what SCV put up tonight in Allentown, I can only see one of two scenarios Saturday night in Allentown. 

1. Multiple corps get in SCV’s neighborhood or even beat them. 

2. The “slotter” throttle is put on one , two, or all 3 of Cavies,BAC, and Crown to “calibrate” going into Finals week and still leaving almost 5 points of headroom at the top. 

Realistically, my head says the latter happens. But we’ll see. My heart says my Cavaliers come out after 2 1/2 rehearsal days, throw up a number, and shock everybody (except for Cavaliers fans of course) . 

Again... we’ll see. Had they kept that 92.7 from Wednesday night, I would expect by normal progression to be between 93.3 to 93.7 tomorrow. But that’s where the math starts breaking down. 


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7 hours ago, Old Corps Guy said:

By my count,

1 BD


3 Bluecoats

posted from the DrumScorps app

Congrats on going 0 for 3.  😛

I went for years when I first started watching drum corps and couldn't get the top in the correct order.  🤣

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7 hours ago, Rich Cline said:

Restarted stream to miss half of SCV and everyone is mic'd up hornlines so you can hear anything and Bloo ....... 

And for FLO, the absolute worst transmission of the season. Not liking any of this.

My Flo might have had a few very minor glitches but nothing like you're describing.  The problem could not have been on Flo's side.

To be clear:  Not blaming you or your gear either.  That transmission has to go a long way on probably some very bad wires before it gets to your house.

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7 hours ago, Terri Schehr said:

It all depends on the judging panel. 

It all depends on how good the show is and how the corps performs that night.

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