Allentown, PA - Saturday, August 3, 2019

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Another great show in Allentown. “They” all sat near me tonight. In front of me was the “Drum Corps died when the Chicago Royalaires disbanded” guy. Next to me, a kid who aged out last year who had no

I think DCI should put a one year moratorium on hell.

A few weeks ago PC was about 6 points out of finals,  now they are about 3 points out.  PC, KEEP THIS STAFF NEXT YEAR!

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Enjoy the show!!

Should be a doosey🎺🥁👍

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Interested in if:

  • Seattle Cascades maintain >70.  
  • Jersey Surf stays close to Music City.
  • Colts vs. Pacific Crest, and how they score in relation to The Academy last night.  
  • How close Spirit of Atlanta is to Phantom Regiment.
  • Where Crossmen fit in between Mandarins and Phantom Regiment.
  • Where Mandarins fit in between Crossmen (if they stay ahead) and Cadets, and how close both of them are to where Blue Stars and Blue Knights scored last night.
  • And of course, The Cavaliers, Carolina Crown, and Boston Crusaders going back to back to back.  Also how they fit in with SCVs 93.5something last night.  

I usually don't compare across shows, but same panel, same venue, I make an exception.  Should be fun night of shows!  

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Also, much like Blue Devils and Bluecoats going head to head four times in a row last weekend, Boston Crusaders, Carolina Crown, and The Cavaliers all go head to head three nights in a row starting tonight.  Exciting stuff!  Though if it's anything like Bloo vs. BD, I have a feeling we'll go into Indy like what we knew going in, things are getting tighter and no clear leader will probably emerge, though if Carolina Crown maintains what they've been doing, they are the current favorite.  

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Oh my! Is she wearing a Hawaiian Lei with a Red Hot Chili Pepper dress? Love ❤️ the tattoo! And that shirt screams to be worn with bib overalls. Is this being broadcast from a cabin in the Ozarks? 

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The key thing is - we hope you enjoy them!

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Nice job, Sonus Brass Theater!  I always like a great Cuban vibe!

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