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Things have been somewhat tame on DCP this year, but in the past if a few posters walked around wearing a badge with their DCP name, they’d face an angry mob wielding clubs!🌩️⚔️  

Screams "TERRi" at random women walking by.  

Me: Section 1 Recliner 1  Perfect sight line to everything. Sound turned up so the whole neighborhood shakes. 

5 hours ago, garfield said:

Hey!  Are you talking about me again?!

I always put "Tim K" on my name badge when I'm around DCP people I don't know.  Just in case I say something stupid.


From what I can see, the only two names that are safe to put on name tags for the DCP crowd are DrumManTX and Hook’em Cavies. Not only are the usually correct, everyone likes them!

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18 hours ago, BlueStarsDad said:

One of my favorite things (other than seeing my daughter on the field) is meeting DCP folks at shows.  So who is going to be in Lucas Oil Live?  And where?  I'll be in section 141, row 14 on the aisle.  I would love to meet anyone who is around me.

Section 141, row 18, seat 20!  Name is Diane!

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Hello all! 

On Friday, I will be in Section 242, Row 10 and on Saturday in Section 141, Row 15.

First time @ Indy so I am not real familiar with LOS but my understanding is that both sections are where the Regiment contingent will be.

Too bad we will not have DCP placards with our code names on it.

Have a great time and GO Regiment and Bloo.


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Really looking forward to the next few days!  I will be the loud Woooooooooooo’er in section 142 on my second attempt to watch every show on Thursday.  

Got an incredibly excellent massage today at the spa inside the downtown Hilton, am ready for the marathon : )

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: )
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