DCI World Championship Prelims - Thursday, August 8, 2019

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5 minutes ago, N.E. Brigand said:

I loved how RCR had a member sing that line live near the end.

I didn't see a live singer. Missed that. 

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A Big Hand to kevingamin for the great Play by Play

Dear Sweet Jesus, That Crown show made me find you.    Can I get an AMEN up in here!?! That performance was a thing of beauty!!!

Premature decapitation

13 hours ago, kevingamin said:

Next on the field is the Guardians from Seguin, Texas. Their 2019 program is entitled “Unpeeled”. No show rep available on Drum Corps Xperience.

"Palladio" - Karl Jenkins

"Top Hat, White Tie and Tails" - Irving Berlin

"Suit and Tie" - Justin Timberlake

"Across the Universe" - The Beatles

"Une Valse a Mille Temps" - Jacques Brel

Thanks to MikeN for posting that here.

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13 hours ago, KVG_DC said:

@DrumManTx  They got three apples there lined up on the podium to crunch into for you....

When I saw the DM polishing an apple and two more on the podium before Guardians started their performance Tuesday night, I was soooooo tempted to shout out, "How do you like them apples?"

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13 hours ago, Jake W. said:

Hmm. After three viewings in a row, I think I can safely say that's not my favorite Guardians' production. It's a perfectly fine show --- just a bit tame after what they've done the last few years. I also feel like they typically design their transitions a bit better....the show felt disjointed to me. Lots of little moments that didn't really come together as a whole as well as it usually does for them.

Whereas it's my favorite of their four shows in O.C. Finals (and I bought the unprintable tee shirt from last year's show) ... BUT I agree that it was sloppy. I said as much to the woman running their souvenir booth on Tuesday night, and she said it had been a challenging season.

They ended up 0.9 behind last year's W.C. Prelims score, but 1.5 ahead of last year's O.C. Finals score.

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8 minutes ago, kevingamin said:

I didn't see a live singer. Missed that. 

I almost did. She was right up front and center, but it was quick: I only realized it was live at the very last second, and then she walked away from the mic.

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3 hours ago, cfirwin3 said:

GE is hitting a ceiling.  Bloo got one perfect score in achievement tonight and there will be more by finals.  

Or, the judges can just drop the scoring range back down a little to ensure they don't run out of room.  

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2 hours ago, MikeRapp said:

Just feel like the BD ending is almost identical to most previous BD endings.

I feel like the whole BD show is too similar to most recent BD shows.

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7 hours ago, EricS said:

how can anyone call iconic Beatles  music hokey?

Because it is.  The early music, anyway.  I want to hold your hand is pretty simple music with early pubescent lyrics.  That's not a criticism, just an observation. 

I grew up with the music of The Beatles and the Beach Boys. I loved it in the 60's and 70's but I've grown more musically as I've gotten older.   Bloo does a fantastic job with their drum corps arrangements and showing the progress and growth with the music throughout their presentation, just as the Beatles did in real life.

I would not have chosen the music of the Beatles for a championship contending drum corps show but Bloo did what all the top corps do, they play it so well I enjoy it from beginning to end.  They made me like it.

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