DCI World Championship Semis - Friday, August 9, 2019

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And the horns remove their hats and present to the audience after the final note of the show.


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I mean, if you’re not moved to tears seeing these kids smiling and excited after finishing their show... a current fourth place show... then you just don’t get it. Winning is cool, but getting a stand

It’s 11. I think I’m going to shut it down. I have Rhythm in BLUE tomorrow morning so a good night’s sleep would be a good thing. I AM covering Finals tomorrow, however, so we’ll get together one

Well, whoever wins tomorrow night should put an * behind it because Star of Indiana isn’t here this year.  

2 hours ago, DeanInChicago said:

Possible penalty for Music City.  Rifle handler in guard crossed the front line.

Just like a tic -- if the judge didn't see it, it didn't happen. Not seeing a penalty. 

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Best of luck on venturing into a new frontier Madison Scouts.  I hope you can find your way competitively again, but what a spirited performance to end an incredible era.  Audience reaction and your faces say it all.  

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Madison Scouts






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