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Let's Celebrate our Youth & Corps of DCI

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As I sit here in total amazement at the unparalleled  Creativity, Talent,  Percussion/Music/Guard is on spectacular display this weekend on the field of dreams that is Lucas Oil Stadium, for the 2019 DCI World & Open Class Corps along with SoundSport Teams. It is a perfect time and stream for our Drum Corps "Planeteers" to pay tribute here, as fans, of  your family marching members, be they your  Kids, relatives, friends, loved ones who  at this very moment our sharing their talents, passions in a spectacular display of memorable  Sights and Sounds of Music and Pageantry. By naming first names,  and their specific "talent" and Corps they represent, they'll know who they are. Thus we pay tribute and express our appreciation and gratitude for the gifts they have given to us, including former and fellow marching members as myself, Simplex Minutemen (now defunct) of Gardner, Mass from 1965-1972 as a Rudimental Bass Drummer and 24" Concert Cymbals

I'll go first, As a Friend and Fan,  TONY. color guard extraordinaire with the Boston Crusaders. I've watched Tony hone his dancing and equipment skills during his years with THE ACADEMY.  If you had the opportunity to view THE ACADEMY's 2017,  11th place finalist production of "Drum Corpse Bride, he played the Groom. This year he is slaying "Goliath".  Watching him perform, (beginning with a smile that lights up any occasion ), is Artistry in Motion,  Congrats Tony.

 I Would enjoy learning of your personal tribute recipient.  ENJOY! Thank you DCP for giving me this voice.  Cheers Mates.



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Oh gosh!   I was watching larger than life on the big screen last night in the theater and kept thinking "I've seen that kid before...where?"  

What a changeup in roles!

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