If between Bluecoats and BD, what influences your pick?

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Whoever has the hot night. 

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The fact that BD is better 🙂 

Why not both?  They both satisfy completely different things for me.  Blue Devils in their incredibly sophisticated themes and presentations paired with impeccable visual performance and Bluecoats in

What’s funny is I feel the exact opposite as you. I’m ready for something fresh from Bluecoats cause the last 3-4 years seen the same to me 😂

Here's what influences my pick:

I've been a BD fan ever since I first saw them, in 1973.

So I'm invoking the "before a lot of you were born" clause and going with the Devils. :tongue:

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8 hours ago, tigger2 said:


The short version for me:  They both are strong in every caption. Both do some amazing things, but while BD has many specific effect events, Blue Coats entire show IS the event unlike any ever produced in the activity- it is flawlessly seamless and delivers a through-time horizontal value that rivals those in any professional setting that our activity borrows from: ballet, musical theater, opera, Cirque, etc. 

More specifically/and of course longer explanation :

Overall engagement: BLOO

Color use: BLOO

Number of specific effect moments: BD

Prop use: BD

Setting the stage: BLOO

Use of electronics: BLOO

Aesthetic: BLOO

Intellectual: BD

Emotional: BLOO

Battery: BD

Front Ensemble: BLOO

Guard: BD

Percussion writing: BLOO

Brass: BLOO 

Brass soloists: BLOO 

The all important "it" factor: BLOO









Crazy bias in this post js

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8 hours ago, derbydawg said:

Bluecoats because the show is so well written and performed. It has an emotional hook from beginning to end. BD is too unemotional, except the ballad, and I have seen this show  the past six years or so. Ready for something fresh from the Devils.  

In my opinion the Coats show is not very well written. I feel like people are so wrapped up in the fact that it's Beatles music that they forget that the book isn't really amazing. 

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Bluecoats is like this hippie chick, all warm, fuzzy and full of peace and love. BD is like this high society art theater chick who is sophisticated, stylish and a little bit edgy and crazy at times. In other words nothing wrong with a little variety in your life.  

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On 8/10/2019 at 3:07 PM, Cappybara said:

Interestingly, I think there's way more recycling and commonalities in the musical arrangements from 2014-2019 than from 2008-2013. For example, what similarities in music arrangements were there between 2010, 2011, and 2012?

You're thinking in terms of actual phrases or motifs, for which you are right. Definitely more similarities with the present BD productions (2014 to now), but that really hasn't bothered me. I'm speaking more about an arranging/orchestration style. Essentially the style that Wayne Downey used vs Dave Glyde. I love both, and Wayne has always been one of my longtime favorites. His latter stuff (2008 to 2013) has a certain style and sound to it that is very familiar, even if the songs are different. I am one of the few who love the 2010 show. But I really have enjoyed the recent shows from 2014 to now.

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What influences my personal pick?


I live an 90 min away from Canton. 


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