DCI World Championship Finals - Saturday, August 10, 2019

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4 minutes ago, Forevergreen said:

Ugh. I want to stay, but we got a call from our alarm company in Columbus. Pretty sure our house got broken into.ūüė°

I’m sorry to hear that but it’s a 3 hour drive. Call a friend or the police and stay for the awards?

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Now now.   We all won tonight.  These are the best kids In the world and why I go to shows year after year. 

FUN FACT: The "Crown" set at the end of Carolina Crown's 2019 show is a subtle nod to their 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,

The neighbors must think that I'm abusing some poor woman by the name of Flo.  I hope they don't call the police...................

5 minutes ago, jjeffeory said:

What I miss?

I heard a slightly out of tune violin....

They're like Motel 6, they left the light on....


Okay, that was a good run by the BD.  Congrats to the members, who are some of the most professional people in the activity while in uniform! Love the effort!

My opinion is the judges are going to call it how they see it.

If we're all happy with their run, and they're happy with their run, then the show is a success.

There were a lot of interesting ideas in this show!


....my hotdog is pretty tasty too.  Got that between BC and BD, thanks!

Bro the hotdogs at Lucas Oil are bomb. Sometime try the Italian beef sandwhich! Makes other stadiums good look like pig slop!

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Not a lot of percussion ageouts from SCV


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1 minute ago, George Dixon said:

So I'm only watching on Flo but felt BD was better last night and Coats were better tonight

Who knows how it will turn out

I'd also give a very slight edge to Crown over SCV

The entire top 12 were fantastic as were the Marines.

GREAT season!

That's how I saw it too, but who knows. I'd give Crown more than a slight edge though. Maybe .3 just to be poetic. Lmao.

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19 minutes ago, bluesman said:

Wow.... It seems that there is some nitpicking going on in an effort to make tonight's Bluecoats performance seem like less than it was. The negative spin is somewhat insulting.

After declaring in the first week of the season that I thought BD had the best show (and my favorite of 2019), I now slightly prefer Bloo. But I am mindful that they're very very tight so every little detail can matter.

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4 minutes ago, Land of Tim said:

Try 20+ error crashes using Apple TV.  Granted, the fix was quick:  Hit Menu, reselect the Multi-Cam or High-Cam, and the feed would reset quickly.  But still utterly ridiculous and they should refund money for this.  Replaying it is a nice idea, but while I would enjoy it for the helluvit, there is something lost on watching a clean feed after the fact.   

Utterly ridiculous! Web version on laptop has had no feed issues (for me so far...oh god, now I'm jinxed!)

Oh same here, I was just talking about BD. Been Menu'ing back to restart feed all night.

It'd be one thing if we could go back and watch on demand. But if live stream is the only option, you need to have your #### together. Especially for the prices they're charging.

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Confused Will Pitts.

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