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DCI World Championship Finals - Saturday, August 10, 2019

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Just now, Mc2Crown said:

Terrible issues with Flo using Raku. 5th time getting “hmm, something unexpected happened” Error message. 

I've been on the PC the last month with Flo.  Did this Roku problem happen just tonight?

I've been of the opinion that if a feed is good anywhere then it must be good everywhere, but thanks to some info written earlier, I stand corrected.

I'd like to move my watching experience from my PC's 32" monitor  to my 65" TV next year but the comments on devices like Roku leave me in doubt.

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1 minute ago, BlueStainGlass said:

At the end of the night I can give two ##### where the blue stars end. I got invited as an alum into the arc to relive the days and cried. They make me so proud

And you have so much to be proud of --- your corps laid down a final performance for the ages. I was floored.

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Wow BK! That gorgeous music just washes over me the entire show! Just all kinds of luscious-ness! :inlove:

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If I'm being honest, I've performed a number of shows in my marching career where I look back and think "meh." No replay value. Just nostalgia from the good times.

This Blue Knights show is one that I would give my left ### to have performed. I can only imagine those marching members watching this show 10 years from now with tears in their eyes.  What an absolutely mesmerizing production.

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I just want to say that BK has consistently been doing narration in their shows for a bit now and their implementation is rock solid every. single. time. 

The voices are professional, the words never are cringeworthy, and they always ADD to the show instead of take away from it. 

They are the reason why I'm completely on board with pre-recorded narration and singing

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