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4 hours ago, George Dixon said:

Um no

constructive comments welcome by all in this thread has been my experience 

especially any constructive comments about how to construct the props for under $$$ if props be used in the future.

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On 12/4/2019 at 10:02 AM, George Dixon said:

I've heard the brass experience and the SOUND they produced at the standstill was very solid 

and the low brass is already tagging themselves, not as Buicks or Cadillacs, but LandRovers/RangeRovers (who will do a drill!)

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19 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

actually, most don't. they have ties to 17055

Ugh memories of my 6 years of being trailer trash while saving for a house... 🥵

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4 minutes ago, xandandl said:

um, Jim, perhaps some posters and lurkers live in trailers.

When I say trailer trash I am looking in the mirror and laughing at myself. Park I was at was pretty nice (at first the owner didn’t want 20 something me to buy) when I lived there. Being an anal IT type person I crunched the numbers and moving out of the apartment to a trailer worked better in saving for a house. Lived there six years including first year of marriage.

No disrespect meant for fellow trailer/modular people. When I looked around saw some nice parks and some crap holes. 

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20 hours ago, dans said:

Cadets camp this weekend!


11 hours ago, 2000Cadet said:

Hope to hear some great things come outta there. 

adding to audition nerves for callbacks, it'll be Friday the 13th!   

Cadets: Character always, even when stressed.

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