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I usually don’t post on forums but I would like to counter some of the negativity being posted here about the Cadets.   I am a retired music educator and a member of the Santa Clara Vanguard Admin sta

Hey guys. I usually stay clear of this stuff and I appreciate those of you that understand my position. I'm basically going to tell you what has already been said on here. There are some smart pe

I have a high school senior who auditioned for the corps.  He got a callback (woo!) but did not get a spot... too young and inexperienced, but they liked him and said they'd give his name to some othe

21 hours ago, 2000Cadet said:

Question validity is not the issue. It's TO WHOM you're posing the question that is the issue. Why would a spectator be looking at their financials? If you REALLY wanted to know the answer to that question, you'd ask the right people who are responsible for that. 

How naive would one have to be to expect an open, honest, thorough and unbiased response to their questions?

To start off, there is already a prevailing attitude that runs in diametric opposition, best exemplified here:

16 hours ago, MikeD said:

Those are indeed items DCI has an interest in knowing. That doesn't apply to FB, DCP, Reddit, etc...people who are making snide comments on social media. Those people do NOT have any right to know, as much as they might want to know. 

And then, in all likelihood, there is a sequence of events that has not completely played out yet.  Hypothetically speaking, whether it is a negotiation still in progress, a restructuring that requires time for procedures to take place, or an upcoming fundraising deadline (or more than one of these)... those situations raise more questions with every attempted answer.

So as crazy as it sounds, when the ultimate answer to your question is "sorry sir, you have to wait", asking an anonymous crowd on an Internet forum is a better way to get that answer than going straight to the dead-silent source.  Here (after sifting through the trolling posts), it at least sounds like something is being done, and the challenge is not insurmountable.

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The Cadets financial issues are a matter between DCI, the Cadets management team, the marching members and their parents. Not sure why anyone else needs to be involved. I applaud the current management team at the Cadets for sticking by the organization and making tough decisions to help ensure the future of this great drum corps.

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7 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

rumor has it you marched on him a few times

Tekk needs to watch “The Irishman”. 

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13 hours ago, George Dixon said:

"an unproven group of people" -- do you know who Denise Bonfiglio is???? What an absolutely RIDICULOUS statement. This "unproven" team is loaded with caption winners, championship winners, corporate leaders and DCI HOFers.. 

The same Denise who was accused of mismanagement of Lancer Foundation funds by her own family!

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1 hour ago, George Dixon said:

I’m sorry but you aren’t being constructive and you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a dangerous combination

oh look she has lots of experience running multi million dollar organizations:

Professionally, Denise recently retired from MetLife where she was an officer of the company for 16 of her 35-year career. During Denise’s tenure at MetLife, her “hands-on” approach brought her to the front-line managing Insurance Product Software Development, and Quality Assurance functions in several locations around the US and Canada. Throughout Denise’s career at MetLife, she was extensively involved in company mergers and acquisitions converting software Illustration systems onto MetLife platforms. Denise managed a staff of 20 as well as associates in different locations around the country. Denise also played a significant role in relocating and transitioning MetLife’s Retail business operations to North Carolina.

Denise is currently the Co-Founder and President of the Bonfiglio Foundation. As a non-profit charitable organization, the Foundation’s philanthropic mission is to raise money to provide scholarships in honor of George and Patsy Bonfiglio. Applications are accepted from young men and women that participate in DCI organizations. George Bonfiglio was the first president of the DCI Board of Directors and played a significant role in leading the organization through its early years to ultimately build a foundation for future success.

From reading Ms.Bonfiglio's  background,I don't know how much "hand's on experience"  she's had, when it comes to budgeting, and other technical aspects of running  a corps.

I also don't know exactly what her/YEA's responsibilities are when it comes to this.

From looking at her background it seems that, if she does have to handle the technical aspects of the corps, she would know where her expertise is and the type of people she needs to bring in .

That is,assuming she has the authority to bring those people in.

But,at most,she is only in charge of the "front of the house".

It seems that,from reading the posts on this thread, the "back of the house" is where  there are the most "issues".

Again,as I posted,its unclear what the current relationship is between The Cadets and YEA.

If they are still  "joined at the hip",The Cadets  could have still have "back of the house" issues.

I would think that,by now,accountants have combed through  all

of YEA's records and have pretty good idea where they stand,financially.

What's worrisome is that If even 1/3 of the comments about their finances posted on DCP  are accurate,

they are going to need to make some hard choices to stay viable.




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58 minutes ago, rpbobcat said:

What's worrisome is that If even 1/3 of the comments about their finances posted on DCP  are accurate,

they are going to need to make some hard choices to stay viable.

perhaps you've missed all those "hard choices" that have been made and announced:

1. laying off YEA staff including $200K in salaries

2. a more limited  tour schedule for Cadets

3. shutting down C2

This alone accounts for $500K a year in "difficult decisions"

Cadets are also making self-built props this year - last year they paid $60K for the stairs

Many many examples are announced of smart, conservatively minded decisions 

And I'm sorry - but if her corporate background as an officer of Metlife doesn't impressed you, perhaps her background with SCV and many other corps does



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3 hours ago, dans said:

Skating on thin ice? Source please.

I have personally been told by senior alumni members that the cadets were in dire straights unless a big corporate or private donor bailed them out and a new board is being formed.  Of course this is all “rumor”,  so if they don’t want rumors started, maybe they shouldn’t be spreading them, lol

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