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8 hours ago, FlamMan said:

Spew hate??? No one here is hateful. Stop with the drama queen stuff. Those "legacy fans" certainly are deplorable, arent they? Maybe they should not even attend 1 show per year, and contribute nothing.

deplorable etc are not words I've used - straw man argument... We can just agree to disagree.

57 minutes ago, rmurrey74 said:

Wow, Cadets are making some moves. I’ll leave the details for the other sites reporting but excited for the official announcements!

now there's an example of a responsible fan post vs. some of the stuff in this thread. It's ok to be excited!

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1 minute ago, Algernon said:

Hearing HUGE changes at Blue Knights, SCV, Phantom, Cadets (duh) and Mandarins/Colts. Will avoid details to prevent some individuals from weeping in public.

I'll predict that you will see little, if any, changes at Bluecoats.

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