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Staff merry-go-round

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1 hour ago, OldSchoolCorps said:

Sweet! This is a huge pickup for the Colts (as is the rest of the McM team). looking forward to what develops on the show design end.

Was also wondering weather we would see a return of the amazing Shane Gwaltney. Is he working for any other DCI groups these days since leaving Phantom a few years back?

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15 hours ago, kalad's_phantoms_regiment said:

JD Shaw and Chip Crotts are no longer at SCV (rumored that Shaw is returning to Phantom and Crotts is headed to BD but neither of those things have been announced yet). 

Chip Crotts is listed on the BD 2020 A Corps staff page

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Would prefer not seeing rumors at all. But I like it when posters are explicit about something being a genuine rumor.

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Re the Regiment, I noticed this morning that the Staff pages @ regiment.org were taken down. Perhaps we are closer to an announcement  on the 2020 staff. I will be particularly interested in who is selected as Program Coordinator, who is chosen as Visual Coordinator and who comprises the Visual team.

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1 hour ago, HockeyDad said:

I guess this means that Leslie Gilreath is .... the lone arranger. 

I’ll let myself out.

Wow...I see what you did there...

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11 minutes ago, rmurrey74 said:


I find it rather disappointing (to put it mildly) that the Blue Stars do not any female caption heads or any women serving on the design team.  Yikes.    Is it 2019 or 1949?

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