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DCP-I Season 29 Sweepstakes Results

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In World Class, Quiksilver held off hard-charging Texas United for Sweepstakes, and also squeaked ahead of them on the last night for the World Class championship...

57.5 Quiksilver
45.5 Texas United
32.0 Bellbrook Eagles
31.0 Kosmos
23.5 Star of Jupiter
16.5 L'Etoile du Nord
14.5 Nastalgia Vanguard
13.0 The Knights
10.0 Knights of Power
 8.0 Anthem Resound
 6.0 Cobalt Guard
 1.5 #1 Corps
 1.0 Violet Knights

In Open Class we had (I think) a first in DCP-I history: the top 4 spots were unchanged every night of championships week. Sparrow Regiment swept the championships shows, but despite not medalling the Tokyo Brass hung on to the season's Sweepstakes...

55.0 Tokyo Brass
51.0 Sparrow Regiment
45.0 Nastalgia
32.0 Star of Hawaii
27.5 Mercury
24.0 Les Blanc Chevaliers
14.0 Knights of Sound
11.5 Texas Zephyrs

Class A was the most volatile, with a different winner every night. The season long domination of Dragon Corps ended with a silver medal, the Class A Sweepstakes award, and the overall Season 29 DCP-I Sweepstakes Grand Champion award...

65.0 Dragon Corps
41.5 Cross
39.0 Hg
33.0 Cape Cod Regiment
26.0 Chicken Scouts
25.5 Knights of Note
23.0 Nastalgia Percussion Ensemble
 7.0 L'Etoile du Nord B

DCP-I Season 29 Sweepstakes Champions:

World: Quiksilver

Open: Tokyo Brass

A: Dragon Corps


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