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8 hours ago, tesmusic said:


Or the Muppets, someone needs to do a full on Muppets show.

Also...we need a corps like VK again.

yes to the muppets.  I think i developed a Reps list for that at some point when it came up before.  

And yes to VK. The "meme and silly songs" show would be a hit.  

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How ‘bout .. .  Go With the Flo ! Any of our Finalist Corps does their usual outstanding performance but, half-way through,  STOPS  abruptly and walks off the field. Leaving the entire audie

And brass tears are expected and should be judged as part of the show. There will often be drill in complete silence. There will be the obligatory fly over fabric lettered "Please Wait.  Resetting you

Perhaps a Rocket Mortgage "commercial" or two (or seven). 

1 minute ago, KVG_DC said:

yes to the muppets.  I think i developed a Reps list for that at some point when it came up before.  

And yes to VK. The "meme and silly songs" show would be a hit.  


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On 8/13/2019 at 6:26 AM, Drum Corps Guy said:

How about a tribute to John Williams?  One of the greatest composers of our time.  It would have to be a very well thought out and put together show.  If done right, it could simply be amazing.  I'm not sure which corps' design staff would do it justice though.

I would like the Regiment to do this show :  A Classical Tribute to Marian Armato.

In 1959, Ms Armato, a classically trained pianist, joined the Regiment as Brass Arranger. Among her arrangements that year were Chopin's Polonais and Un Bel Di. The seeds of a classical music emphasis were planted and, when Jim Wren became the Regiment's brass arranger in 1968, he nourished and grew that tradition.

Ms Armato was always warm and friendly as well as a wonderfully patient person and teacher. My understanding is that, after getting married, she and he moved to Denver and at some point was involved with the Blue Knights. If anyone associated with BK can confirm or deny this connection, please let me know.

I learned during my trip to the "19 finals that she has passed.

ACTtMA would incorporate a program of classical piano music as a tribute and in her memory.

P.S.   When married Ms Armato became Mrs. Newcomer.


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My goodness. What if a corps literally remade that famous Star of Indiana show but with new arrangements? Do a cross to cross? Imagine crown doing crown to crown! I don’t know that I have ever seen anything like that.

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Phantom should do “Death in Venice” but call it “Death in Indianapolis” featuring Will Pitts

Crossmen ...Rammstein a DCI version of Renegades 2004 show “Good Bye Blue Skies”

Cadets...Copland’s Dance Symphony

Blue Stars...bring the board game Mouse Trap to the field

Blue Knights..PG: Music of Percy Grainger and Phillip Glass


 Cavaliers...Fight Club

Crown...Hungarian Rhapsody #2

Santa Clara Vanguard ...John Adam’s Harmonium

Bluecoats...double down on their current direction and do Maynard Ferguson’s Live at Jimmy’s albom

Blue Devils...Stan Kenton’s Adventures in Time 

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Mandarins/Academy (Possibly Crown or BAC) : Orpheus/Eurydice.

Right now, Hadestown is a big show on Broadway that focuses on the myth of Orpheus/Eurydice (and mixes in a side story of Hades/Persephone). Seeing some of that has made me interested in seeing what a corps could do with the similar source (just of the original Orpheus/Eurydice myth).

I can see a lighter opening, then homegirl disappearing down below where Orpheus has to go down to get her. Once he's in Hades the tone just shifts and the show goes full on all jazz'd up while in Hades. A darker setting, but not so much "demons and wickedness Hades" - a darker jazzy style setting. Everything unleashing in imaginative ways while Orpheus tries to get Eurydice back. A former version of Academy would knock this out of the park (not so much bridges version of Academy - which I also like!), but I think it would be cool to see Mandarins do their darker tones they're known for, while giving a bit of fresh air breathing in with the tone breaks and some heavy jazz slapping the audience around.

Extra points if they throw in 'Way Down Hadestown' because that could be absolute fire on the field, good luck getting rights to it though. Plus, it would give actual good reasons to use trombones in a feature.

Would be cool to see BD do this as well. Hell wouldn't have to be empty for once...

'Through the Fire and Flames' could be an interesting power closer if done right (listen to the a cappella version if you haven't). The "whoa's" in TtFaF could be a cool reoccurring melody woven through the show, sang in a worker/humming style before being brought into the closer in the original song's style. 

I need a life, and it's best I stay in a different industry.

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