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Shows to beat BD since 2008

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23 hours ago, N.E. Brigand said:

Curious if anyone has handy a list of the shows that beat BD at any point during the season during that time, even if they lost to BD in the end. Is it even twice as many as these five?

So working from DMTx's longer list of all shows that have beaten BD at any point in the season since 2008 (not counting the 2015 penalty), here's my order of preference at this moment:

Phantom Regiment "Spartacus" (2008)

Carolina Crown "e=mc2" (2013)

Carolina Crown "Inferno" (2015)

Bluecoats "Down Side Up" (2016)

Cadets "Side X Side" (2013)

Carolina Crown "Relentless" (2016)

Cavaliers "Samurai" (2008)

Cadets "Angels and Demons" (2011)

Santa Clara Vanguard "Babylon" (2018)

Bluecoats "The Bluecoats" (2019)

Carolina Crown "Rach Star" (2011)

Cavaliers "XtraordinarY" (2011)

Bluecoats "Session 44" (2018)

Cadets "The Power of Ten" (2015)

Santa Clara Vanguard "Vox Eversio" (2019)

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If I were to rank them based on personal enjoyment:

1. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

2. The Cadets 2011

3. Phantom Regiment 2008

4. Bluecoats 2016

5. Carolina Crown 2013

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1 hour ago, N.E. Brigand said:

As I wrote above, there's an argument to be made that the best shows will be less influential not more influential. in any case, it's disappointing to me that BD 2012, with pre-recorded vocals, has been more influential than Crown 2013, with live vocals.

And the reason is that I think everything in drum corps should be live. There have been vocals in drum corps since the 1980s, almost as long as there's been a pit. If you're gong to prerecord a voice, why not prerecord the mallets?

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2 hours ago, oldbandguy said:

1. Bluecoats ain't seen nothin' yet!!!

2. Bloo 2016
3. Spartacus 2008
4. SCV 2018
5. Crown 2013

2020 Blue Devils accept your challenge............

Sorry been playing Mortal Kombat all morning. Day off today LMAO.

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sorry wrong thread

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Dang. This is hard. I love all of these shows so much (well, besides Cadets 2011, but that’s mostly because I haven’t watched/listened to that show as much). I guess I have to try to rank them though, so here it goes. 

1. SCV 2018

2. Phantom 2008

3. Bluecoats 2016

4. Crown 2013

5. Cadets 2011

It’s weird putting Crown that low, but the other shows were just so good. If Inferno had won, it’d probably be second on that list though. 

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Great topic! It's a really strong group of shows. You have to be pretty freakin' awesome to beat BD!

I think Bloo 16 is the most influential of the group. I'd bet that people eventually look back on it the way they do Garfield 84 or Star 93 - a game changer that pushed the activity in a new direction.

In terms of performance excellence, I'd definitely pick SCV 18. It's maybe the only time this decade that I've felt a group has out-BD'd BD in terms of the skill level of the performers and the show they were able to achieve.

Audience favorite has to be Phantom 08. I've never seen an audience react to a corps like that before, and I'd bet I never see something like it again.

The only one of the group that I wouldn't call a personal favorite is Cadets 11. I admire the visual design - they generate so much effect from the maroon vs. white design, and the music book is solid. But it's always overshadowed by Cadets 13 as my favorite from that era.

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On ‎8‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 10:18 AM, MikeRapp said:

Oh really? What was the penalty for?

it was the same as the one when bluecoats beat them.  qtr finals when they dropped from 2nd to 4th.  you note it in the bluecoats beating them but not in the cadets stats


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Interesting side note: Realized that 2 of these 5 shows had the same music arrangers (Shaw/Rennick) and Brass Caption Head (Crotts)

Phantom 08

SCV 18 

It  clearly shows how special the performance and design have to be to compete year in and out with the Blue Devils. What an amazing run!

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