What is your personal enjoyment rankings for 2019?

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Post your own opinion, and its not wrong! Truthfully, I enjoyed every show I watched. I have much respect for everyone involved.

My personal enjoyment rankings:
1. Bluecoats
2. Crown
3. Blue Knights
4. Crossmen
5. Vanguard
6. Mandarins
7. Blue Devils
8. Cavaliers
9. Boston
10. Phantom
11. Cadets
12. Blue Stars

Ah, I feel better now.

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I found something to like in 20 of the 22 World Class shows. For the two I couldn't find something to like, I respected the hell out of the performers to do their best

Tier 1 - Getting constant listens and views from me  ------------------------------------------------ 1. Blue Devils  2. Blue Stars 3. Carolina Crown 4. Cavaliers  

I agree 100%. My Wife and I both wondered why all the angst, anger and snarling with members crawling around like animals making angry wierd looking faces? Everyone looks pi55ed off. I will have

12. Cavaliers- I honestly don't even have an explanation for this one, just out of all these shows this left the least impression. 

11.  Mandarins 

10. Bluestars

9.  Phantom Regiment

8. Santa Clara Vanguard

7. The Cadets

6. The Crossmen

5. Boston Crusaders 

4. Blue Knights

3. Carolina Crown

2. Blue Devils 

1. The Bluecoats! 

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1. Bluecoats (not because I’m a supporter) 

2. Boston Crusaders (closely behind)

3.  Cavaliers (closely behind)

i only choose a top three every year.  Last year’s list was the same except The Cadets were in Cavies place. 

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I need some parameters or I might run amok. Finalists, Semifinalists, or any Corps (world or open) that came to Prelims? 

What's the maximum number we can list? Etc...

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1. Bluecoats

2. Blue Devils

3. Mandarins

4. Phantom

5. Boston

6. Cavaliers

7. Crown

8. SCV

9. Blue Stars

10. Cadets

11. Blue Knights

12. Crossmen

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1. Bluecoats (despite not being a Beatles fan at all, it’s another 12 minutes of drum corps design perfection)

2. Cavaliers (costumes, brass performances, and the ballad)

3. SCV (only because of the music—did not like the concept or the staging)

4. Knights (awesome percussion and brass books)

5. Blue Stars (amazing show from end zone to end zone, weird concept that doesn’t really work but I respect their effort)

6. Crown (brass performances are worth the price of admission, but still a head scratcher as far as design concept and visual)

7. Boston ( I just enjoy seeing them climb the ladder)

8. Mandarins (a total commitment to mood and concept)

9. Pacific Crest (made the most of their talent, second best ballad of the season)

10. Blue Devils (technical excellence, best use of props by a mile, interesting concept, sticking to their knitting from a design standpoint—just still feel disconnected from their performances—sterile)

10. Colts (really strong brass line and switching uniforms was cool—but worn out with the hell concepts in DCI)

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1.  Crown

2.  Bluecoats

3.  Blue Devils

4.  Blue Knights

5.  Mandarins 

6.  Boston 

7.  SCV

8.  Spirit

9.  Cavaliers

10.  Phantom 

11.  Crossmen

12.  Blue Stars

13.  Cadets 

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