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Which is your favorite 3rd place show of the decade?

Which is your favorite 3rd place show of the decade?  

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  1. 1. What’s your favorite 3rd place DCI show of the 2010s?

    • It Is (Carolina Crown 2017)
    • Kinetic Noise (Bluecoats 2015)
    • Metropolis (Bluecoats 2010)
    • Promise (Cadets 2014)
    • Relentless (Carolina Crown 2016)
    • Session 44 (Bluecoats 2018)
    • Side X Side (Cadets 2013)
    • Turandot (Phantom Regiment 2012)
    • Vox Eversio (Santa Clara Vanguard 2019)
    • XtraordinarY (Cavaliers 2011)

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The choices, listed in alphabetical order by show title, omit subtitles. You are most welcome to additionally reply with thoughts about why you chose the show you did, or to rank all ten shows in your comments (titles are listed here for easier copy/pasting).

It Is (Carolina Crown 2017)

Kinetic Noise (Bluecoats 2015)

Metropolis (Bluecoats 2010)

Promise (Cadets 2014)

Relentless (Carolina Crown 2016)

Session 44 (Bluecoats 2018)

Side X Side (Cadets 2013)

Turandot (Phantom Regiment 2012)

Vox Eversio (Santa Clara Vanguard 2019)

XtraordinarY (Cavaliers 2011)

A new poll for each higher placement will follow daily.

(And here's a link to the previous installment in this series.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Edit (9/8/19): And here are the results. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

33 -- Kinetic Noise (Bluecoats 2015)

31 -- Session 44 (Bluecoats 2018)

27 -- Relentless (Carolina Crown 2016)

9 -- Metropolis (Bluecoats 2010)

9 -- Turandot (Phantom Regiment 2012)

8 -- Side X Side (Cadets 2013)

6 -- XtraordinarY (Cavaliers 2011)

3 -- Vox Eversio (Santa Clara Vanguard 2019)

1 -- Promise (Cadets 2014)

0 -- It Is (Carolina Crown 2017)

(127 votes total)

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3rd place shows were really difficult for me, since a lot of these shows are in my all time favorites.  How do I change my vote? I voted Session 44, but after more consideration, I think Kinetic Noise takes the top spot for me.

1. Bluecoats 2015 - Kinetic Noise - Source music was spectacular, and even though Tilt was the show folks got behind as Bloo's "arrival," this one to me showed a ton of creativity in creating a sound landscape that they continued experimenting with.

2. Bluecoats 2018 - Session 44 - Just an incredibly well done and enjoyable production top to bottom.

3. Cadets 2013 - Side X Side - I'm a sucker for some Barber, and this show was a perfect Cadets for me. Just march and play with a visual theme to support the show.

4. Carolina Crown 2016 - Relentless - Love that Crown was able to establish a firm story line.  If it weren't for the ultimate ending, I may have them ranked higher.

5. Carolina Crown 2017 - It Is - I was actually quite fond of this show, contrary to how others received it.  I didn't mind the singing one bit and really appreciated this show.

6. Bluecoats 2010 - Metropolis - The show that I thought for sure was going to get Bloo to maintain top tier status. It was very fresh and I still listen frequently.

---------Big Drop off----------

7. Cadets 2014 - Promise - A great musical and visual performance ruined by the voice-over, which was disappointing to see was relegated to recorded voice-over by season's end. Made it really awkward to know our narrator was "lip syncing."

8. Cavaliers 2011 - XtraordinarY - Can someone please help me find the melody?

9. Santa Clara Vanguard 2019 - Vox Eversio - I tried really hard to enjoy this show this year, but I had a tough time with this one.

10. Turandot (Phantom Regiment 2012) - Nothing overly memorable about this show to me compared to other Phantom offerings around this time.

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2016 Crown - Relentless. It has become my favorite show of all time. I absolutely love it!

2015 Bloo is a solid second for me - preferred over Tilt quite greatly, and I'm one of the few that actually liked 2017 Crown (except for some of the vocals in the closer - and yes I did actually like the ballad!) so that probably takes my third place.

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Hard one.

I went with Side x Side, because I think that's probably my favorite DCI music book from the past decade. Barber is amazing. Even if the circus colored towers are ... unfortunate.

Relentless and Session 44 and Metropolis are also real favorites of mine.

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1. Cadets 2013 (Side x Side) - the GE Music tape (or was it music analysis?) on YouTube says it best, this show probably had one of the best music books ever put on a football field. This was an easy pick for me


2. Bluecoats 2018 (Session 44)

3. Phantom 2012 (Turandot)

4. SCV 2019 (Vox Eversio)

5. Bluecoats 2015 (Kinetic Noise) 

6. Carolina Crown 2016 (Relentless)


7. Cavaliers 2011 (Xtraordinary)

8. Cadets 2014 (Promise: An American Portrait)

9. Bluecoats 2010 (Metropolis) 


10. Carolina Crown 2017 (It Is) - probably the worst show of this decade to medal. Sorry. 

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Thanks to the Bluecoats.................... Promise, An American Portrait is my favorite Bronze medal performance.

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Easy for me. Kinetic Noise.

Probably my favorite DCI show of all time...or at least the one I go back and listen to/watch the most. Mr. Maps is my favorite percussion feature of all time. The show has seamless transitions and an exceptional use of music technology...I also feel it was the cleanest performance the Bluecoats put on the field until Session 44 and, well, The Bluecoats.


Tier 2 (HONK HONK)

Session 44



Tier 3 (great, clean shows, but I just couldn't get vested in them)

Side X Side





Tier 4

Vox Eversio- probably the best corps on the field of 2019 and some great musical moments but what was going on really?


Tier 5 (great corps, awful designs)

It Is- After some studying I understood the theme and what they were going for but why? This show is never going to live down the fact that the best hornline of 2017 played backup singer to a vocalist.

Promise- the never ending narration, Lincoln Portrait, the stage in the front of the field so you really couldn't see the Cadets upfront. Just no.



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1. Kinetic Noise (Bluecoats 2015)

2. XtraordinarY (Cavaliers 2011)

3. Turandot (Phantom Regiment 2012)

4. Metropolis (Bluecoats 2010)

5. Relentless (Carolina Crown 2016)

6. Vox Eversio (Santa Clara Vanguard 2019)

7. Side X Side (Cadets 2013)

8. Session 44 (Bluecoats 2018)

9. Promise (Cadets 2014)

10. It Is (Carolina Crown 2017)

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27 minutes ago, mfrontz said:

It's really something. How far into this and no one's even mentioned the Blue Dev-

Oh, right.

You see?

So many people complain about BD winning all the time, but they are totally dominated by other corps in 3rd through 12th placements. 

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