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I think Crown and Coats got ripped off

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20 minutes ago, hostrauser said:

Am I alone in thinking that the Bluecoats had a good-not-great show that shouldn't have been as close to the Blue Devils as they were? Bluecoats seemed to have a problem with hot mics at Finals and I heard more than one teeth-itchingly-bad intonation errors in the trumpets, especially in the big blow-down section at the end of the show. It certainly wasn't the baby-throwing fest for me that many others found it to be. I would have put Coats around 97.5, I thought they were at least 0.5 behind BD.

Crown/SCV is a tougher call for me. Crown was so much better musically, but that was not a Top 3 visual program and the judges (rightly) dinged them. I felt SCV had the much more advanced show design and performance interpretation, while Crown excelled more at some of the technical precision performance aspects. I would be fine with the corps in either order, and agree that they should have been very close.

You are not alone.  I LOVED the Bluecoats show, but mostly because they played the Beatles music.  I didn’t care for all of the doodads cluttering up the field, and i didn’t think their guardwork was anything special.  I don’t even really understand how they won GE!  As for SCV/Crown, i didn’t care for either one.  I disliked Crown less than i disliked SCV.  

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19 minutes ago, jaylogan said:

Team with most incomprehensible show theme that people dug anyway

I'm not so sure BK would have won this as you imply. :unsure:

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2 minutes ago, HockeyDad said:

Barbershop Harmony Society Contest Rules

6. Layout after championship 

International champion choruses are not eligible to compete for the international championships to be awarded for the next two years following the year in which the chorus won the international championship. 


So - here’s a circuit that apparently doesn’t think it’s a crazy idea. 

I definitely don't have a problem when people propose new ideas. I think we need to be welcoming of ideas, especially when they are out of the box.  I totally respect your ideas and like that you proposed them.

I'm not sure how I would feel with this particular system in place. I could put up with it providing the champion corps from the previous year still tours and performs a normal schedule. But I wonder what the incentive would be among the marching members (of the champion corps) who wish to compete? It would potentially hurt recruiting, and I don't like the idea of DCI purposefully harming a corps' chances of recruiting, even if that corps has as many titles and a large infrastructure like BD.  Kids like to compete and they like to perform.  For DCI to survive they need to capitalize on both. 

If the Blue Devils were winning at the expense of the other corps, I'd say DCI would need to do something. But that is not the case. Some might say it is because BD gets its' share of membership from kids who march other corps. That, however is a free choice. Nobody is forcing those kids to stay with their current corps, and not everyone can make the Blue Devils. BD only gets 150 open spots, just like everyone else, and there is plenty of talent out there. So I don't think I would be in favor of tearing down a successful drum corps in order to spread the wealth. That seems counter-productive to keeping this activity alive, and it's unfair to BD or whoever wins the title. 

You're right that there are other music competitions that handle their championships differently in order to spread the wealth. In some cases it works really well.  I definitely understand that some fans are tired of the Blue Devils winning so many titles. I am sure some may think, "Hey, Bluecoats only have 1 title and Blue Devils 18 (before this year), so why not give Bloo a championship?" And the scoring does have its' subjective components, for sure. So I can understand that sentiment.

To me, DCI competition must continue to reward the best show on any given day. BD is a large, powerful, and well-funded organization so they do have advantages. Everyone is aware of that. In that sense DCI competition has never really been a fair fight. What happens off the field (during the Fall, Winter, and Spring) has more to do with winning. In other words, if you want to win you need to build a solid organization that raises funds, hires excellent management, designers, teachers, and you need excellent volunteers. We should not penalize a corps for having built a solid, successful, well funded, and popular organization. If anything DCI is trying to encourage more organizations to build the way BD and SCV have. If drum corps is to survive then we need strong models to pave the way. 

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It was a crazy year, for sure. The Blue Devils and Bluecoats were both incredible and in different ways. It was going to be all about the numbers and math. Bluecoats needed more GE love and they didn't get it. It is crazy that Bluecoats were above Blue Devils in both GE and Music and still lost. I'm glad i wasn't judging, that's for sure. 

Crown and SCV were both very close too. I was a little surprised Crown didn't beat SCV finals night - the energy from Crown was second to Bluecoats in the stands. The crowd ate up Crown in a very special way during that performance. 

Regardless, it's hard to be too upset by any of it. I believe the Bluecoats had the best show, and a show we will remember for a long time. I believe they should have won, but it's impossible to be too upset because that Blue Devils show was incredible, and it has been a LONG time since I've felt that way. It was an amazing year of drum corps. 

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9 hours ago, George Dixon said:

I strongly believe Coats should have won and Crown should have been third

Am I alone? 

If the difference is .1 or less it really is immaterial. DCI uses a scoring system for educational and entertainment purposes so you're always going to have a ranking. But when it's a tenth or less, no one will tell me Bluecoats weren't worthy of winning or Crown worthy of a medal. If it had been vice versa, I'd say the same about BD and SCV. Just not the way the captions added up.

Most likely the kids have already worked out their issues with it, if they had any to begin with.

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8 hours ago, HockeyDad said:

If only it were “of their own merits.”  This thread wouldn’t exist. But as (maybe almost) everyone agrees, there is no way to prevent subjectively in judging. So it never has been, and never will be, ENTIRELY of their own merit.

i think judges get the general groupings accurate. For example, 9 thru 12. 5 thru 8. 1 thru 4.  But within the groupings there will always be difference of opinion, personal preferences of individual judges, etc. 

I think this thread needs a dose of actual understanding of the judging process and the sheets. Even on a local level.


as a fan I liked Bluecoats more. As someone that judges multiple captions I get why BD won. And I’m ok with it

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