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Which is your favorite 1st place show of the decade?

Which is your favorite 1st place show of the decade?  

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  1. 1. What’s your favorite 1st place DCI show of the 2010s?

    • Babylon (Santa Clara Vanguard 2018)
    • Between Angels and Demons (Cadets 2011)
    • Cabaret Voltaire (Blue Devils 2012)
    • Down Side Up (Bluecoats 2016)
    • E=mc2 (Carolina Crown 2013)
    • Felliniesque (Blue Devils 2014)
    • Ghostlight (Blue Devils 2019)
    • Ink (Blue Devils 2015)
    • Metamorph (Blue Devils 2017)
    • Through a Glass, Darkly (Blue Devils 2010)

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51 minutes ago, N.E. Brigand said:

I have a general question not just about this placement: when you're voting, are you doing so just based on a corps' Finals performance or on its whole season?

Whatever Tilts your boat, whether Downside or Up.

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1. Down Side Up. Busted out of the 2-D box in wild style and brought a whole new audio menagerie to the game. I mean, really...how can this show NOT get your adrenaline going??

2. Angels & Demons. Simple idea, executed to perfection. I'm sad that with the current direction of the activity I may never be saying that about a championship show ever again.

3. Ghostlight. A moody, multi-faceted circus of musical and visual delight.

4. Felliniesque. Hard to find any faults with this one. Lord knows the judges barely could.

5. E = MCOne of the most dramatic opening statements I've ever heard. The Phillip Glass vocals added the perfect texture over the gravitas of Thus Spoke Z.


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Couldn’t choose between 2019, 2017, 2015 or 2010. Love those shows so much. Ended up picking 2019.

I really liked 2011, too.

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Down Side Up



It's like trying to choose your favorite pet, you love them all. This one is a good cuddler, that one knows the best tricks, and this one over here has those soulful eyes and one ear that flops over so cute.

I'm going to refrain from voting because it would feel like a betrayal of the others on my list.

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Babylon - Downside Up - Angels and Demons

As for the others, my rankings would probably be pretty close together, although Metamorph/Felliniesque would probably rise towards the top.  As for E=mc2?  I just can't get past the ballad narration (the opening narration was cool) - I just can't.

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Here the five that led the Devil-of-a-decade, at least for me:

5/ "E=mc2" (Carolina Crown 2013) Signature championship show.
4/ "Ghostlight" (Blue Devils 2019) Championship by a thousand cuts; chipping away to victory just as they did with "Ink."
3/ "Down Side Up" (Bluecoats 2016) When this drum corps phenomenon dominated the season, I was just sure it would have been at the top of this kind of list.
2/ "Babylon" (Santa Clara Vanguard 2018) Speaking of season-long domination. (Horn snap)
1/ "Felliniesque" (Blue Devils 2014) Drum corps of this era at its masterful peak! Either the first, or second, best drum corps production I have seen in 48 years.

(Give me two more years to weigh in with a half-century of favorites. Please ; )

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