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Competing vs. Performing

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On 9/12/2019 at 7:50 AM, Old Corps Guy said:

I hate to be blunt.  On two straight nights, different judges said no, it wasn't.  Not everyone wins a trophy. 

Remember, I love this show. But someone else won according to the judges on the last two nights of the season.

You're absolutely right. I would not read too much into some of the comments here. I think some folks are getting off base. I don't think anyone here is saying BD didn't win. BD won, fair and square. Bluecoats were really close. Both were super successful shows.

Although there is only one winner in each division, most people do not leave a drum corps shows thinking about losers. Typically after Finals, or any show, I think about how successful all the corps were, especially those that made top 12. But many of the corps in the 13 - 30+ range have had amazing summers. DCI is more of a positive activity for youth to perform. We are not putting 2 corps on the field at the same time and having them beat the snot out of each other like in football. There is some subjectivity to the scoring system, so there will always be debate over who won, who should have won, who you liked best. It's all good and fair, but I wouldn't take it to mean anything more than it does -- we all have favorites. 

From a purely competitive standpoint, I think DCI got it right. From an entertainment perspective, the fans won because there were many great shows this year. 

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