Original Music...the future of drum corps

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16 hours ago, 84BDsop said:

Then I guess you don't like Suncoast 85 or 88.

As for Wayne and Jack....can you name an original composition by them for corps?   i can.

correct on the first sentence.

and no for the second.  forgive the hyperbole in my last post.  i'll give anything a try, so feel free to put up a link or pm me a link.

and maybe i should be a little more clear. i don't want to hear 12 minutes of their work straight.  a little interlude here and there in the middle of working with truly excellent source material makes sense a lot of times today.  even bitd, there were a few boerma short pieces here and there in shows the scouts did that i liked, for example. 

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Anyone else ever get the feeling they've been around these forums too long?   Just me?    

I think most original drum corps music is uninteresting. I also think it was more common in the past than it is now.

i think i would prefer to hear arrangements of great music than music of arrangers pretending to be composers.     

It’s hard to believe much of the dreck corps play nowadays is even copyrighted by so called “composers”.

id rather see the activity expand and explore with original music and youth activity friendly composers. 


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