2020 Staff Changes

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4 minutes ago, mint said:

If you’re like me, you’ve been checking DCP constantly these past few weeks to see all the changes happening with World Class corps staffs. Unfortunately, the "Staff merry-go-round" thread is no longer a viable source for any information as it has been derailed by irrelevant topics for 40+ pages. Therefore, I’ve started this thread to be your one-stop shop for staff updates.

I will try to update this post as corps continue to share new updates. You can help by posting new updates in this thread as you see them!



Blue Devils:

  • Staff Roster (no formal updates have been published, but their staff roster lists new staff for 2020) 

Blue Knights:

Blue Stars:


Boston Crusaders:


Carolina Crown:





Jersey Surf:

Madison Scouts:


Music City:

Pacific Crest:

Phantom Regiment:

Santa Clara Vanguard:

Seattle Cascades:

Spirit of Atlanta:


You can also view all these updates in this corps staff tracker article posted on DCI’s website.

Let’s try to keep this thread focused to staff changes—tangential discussions are free to be held in their own separate threads!

Thank You!!!

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According to that impressive webinar njhundred posted, more staff announcements in all captions to come from that corps too. Nice to hear that Donnie Van Doren, Jim Prime and Michael Klesch have contributions to the 2020 process with Jay returning.

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