Documentary Photography Proposal for 2020 Season

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Hello, drum corps members!

My name is Nick Glimenakis and I am a documentary photographer based in New York City.  I am a proud drum corps alumni having marched four seasons between the East Coast Jazz and the Boston Crusaders.  I aged out with Boston in 2008 in the quad line.  I am addressing the 2020 prospective membership about a considered photo project exploring queerness in drum corps, specifically within the drumline.

I am hoping to profile a World Class member of the battery percussion in the 2020 season who identifies as queer regardless of sex or gender identity.  The project will include photographs and interviews throughout the upcoming season of what it’s like to march in a World Class drumline as queer.  

It is not my intention to out any individual or create an unsafe space within the drum corps or larger drum corps community.  My hopes for the project are to provide a personal narrative of a queer person in the battery percussion and convey an intimate and artistic look into the world of competitive drum and bugle corps.  I marched for four years in drumlines as someone who was gay but not out and hope to meet individuals who can provide different perspectives other than my own to tell a story of queerness within the activity.  And even as someone who was not out at the time, drum corps was and continues to be an incredibly diverse and welcoming community of people and I want to celebrate that in this project.

The selected member will be interviewed at an audition or early winter camp with the affiliated corps, throughout a week mid-tour, and during World Championships in Indianapolis.  All dates and locations are subject to approval and at the discretion of the consenting corps director. 

If interested, please submit a short bio, the corps you will be—or hope to be—marching with, and why you think you'd be a great candidate for this project to

Best of luck in your auditions this season!

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