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Jersey Surf $30K in 30 Days for the 30th Anniversary

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Fellow DCPers,


I'll keep it short.  I aged out before Surf was founded in 1990.  I started teaching the drum line in 1994 and have been involved in some way ever since.  We'll all seen corps come and go over the years and we know the ins and outs of keeping a corps not just alive, but thriving.


The Jersey Surf spends its money wisely.  We still have the old Suncoast Sound (then later Carolina Crown) kitchen truck on the road.  We're on our 2nd equipment trailer in about 25 years.  We are one of the only corps left with a volunteer director and no full time employees.  That might change one day, but for now we run lean and mean.  I love that about Surf.


We've seen the pitches, so I won't bore you.  Many of you already support corps through donations and are our brothers and sisters in arms!  This link if for the ones of us that like to spread our love of the activity around a bit.  The $30k will hopefully be funded by our alumni and friends, we welcome new friends!


We are doing this now primarily to replace our passenger van before the first camp, where we will be running airport and train station shuttles all weekend.  The van was wrecked at the beginning of the 2019 tour, along with our souvenir trailer.  Any monies beyond van replacement will go towards our long list of needs!


We launched on 10-7-19 and are wrapping it up on 11-7-19.  Follow our progress here:


Thank you for reading, sharing and any words of encouragement for the Jersey Surf's 30th Anniversary season!

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Thank you to those that have started the ball rolling for Team Old School, on behalf the the Crossmen Alumni and Black Watch Alumni.

(full disclosure- Im the Crossmen guy)

Check out Team Old School, complete with a picture of Surf's long retired souvie trailer famous for it's corps bumper sticker collection:


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