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Time to Say Goodbye, after 15 years

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38 minutes ago, Ray Kimber said:

This article came across my news feed this morning.  The thought occurred to me that any DCI Show has a mixture of Intellectual Property possibilities.  IIRC there was a corps who marched in silence for a portion of their program  https://www.prosoundweb.com/intellectual-property-or-not-who-really-owns-your-console-show-file/

Ouch... then there was the rights issues of Stetson Richmonds recordings from 50s and 60s. Copies had floated on the web for years but it wasn’t until DCW bought the rights to the recordings themselves that DCW could sell. 

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Well the older I get the longer it takes all these loose memories to connect. All the US Marines D&BC discussion a few days ago and I finally remembered I have DVD of the Evening Parade at the Washington DC barracks from 2001. Plus bonus of Marines at Edinburgh Scotland Tattoo (highlights) from 1958. Ready to get snowed in this coming season as have stuff to watch....

thanks for the reminder...

And thanks to whoever donated the dvd to Salvation Army. It pays to skulk SA and Goodwill...

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