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The Lisle show is a little lean.  I’m still going because it’s 20 minutes from the house.   No Dekalb because we’ll go down to St. Louis on Saturday for the Sunday show. 

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I can already tell you the schedule because it is in a rut: It will start late June.  Several Corps will be at midwest premier; a day or so later west coast premier will happen.  A Corps or two f

Some fast facts about the tour schedule: The average number of shows (including Prelims) is 25, same as 2018. Blue Stars have the most shows (29) and The Cadets the least (20). C

Young Fella, As one grows older, one counts the seconds towards some of those intermissions. Why? Besides the cookie cutter programs, there is that song that Reverah made famous in drum corps,

No appearance by Spirit in north Texas - boo.

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No scheduled shows for the Cadet's from 6/30 in Philly to 7/9 in Knoxville, Tn. They are scheduled for only 19 shows and championships

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Boston and Cavies seem to have the fullest tour and will see each other more often than not. Encorps still listed for Allentown and several shows. Cadets tour seems like nothing compared to years when they did as many as 42 appearances. I still believe there is an ethical question of charging mms so much for so few actual performances and to do more than move props.

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