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Auditions: Winners, Losers, Talent Agents???

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Within a few weeks, auditions in person or by video will begin for most corps. Corps front offices are already strategizing the yarns about their biggest turn-out EVAh!; positive spins about the future season; hyping anniversaries/inclusion/championship caliber, etc. to entice the not-yet-committed or those sitting on the fence still waiting to win Megamillions or some lottery to afford it all.  While certain corps delegate alumni and others to seek out talented possibles and deputize others to draw out the better skilled, some corps are successful while others may not reach those goals. Some corps link their auditions with interest sessions billed as educational clinics or imaginations looking to future seasons. A few might even use auditions and early camps as fundraising possibilities, limited though they may be. Some are hoping staff changes will be marquee worthy stars to draw the crowds. Some prattle with lots of public relations stuff but little substance. Auditions are happening coast to coast and now on several continents.

Whom do you predict will draw the big numbers of auditionees as 2020 begins? Why?

For instance, will Cavies benefit from all the publicity which honored the death of their founder?  As the only remaining all male corps in World Class will numbers go up or down?

Will Madison see increased numbers with their changes?  Will BD be an automatic audition for every bando hoping to win 20 in 20?  Will more want to be with Bloo or Crown or (name a corps.)

What's your predictions for Auditions and why?  

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I'm obviously a Cavaliers homer, but I do believe that two things will have their numbers up this year. You already mentioned Don Warren. But added to the equation is the Cavaliers touring California last year, and getting amazing crowd reaction throughout that tour. I don't think it's accidental that Cavaliers have a Los Angeles audition this year that they haven't had since my son got involved 3 years ago. I also think them closing out the year 3rd in brass will pay some dividends. I haven't talked to my kid about this...I have no idea what kind of registration they are doing. I do know that he will be at BOA Grand Nationals in Indy recruiting...something else I'm not sure they've done regularly in the past ( but could definitely be wrong about). 

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I don’t expect that the top 6 will have any recruitment problems. If anything, it will be quite competitive. SCV is not a shoe in for the top three, and Crown, BAC, and Cavies will be hoping for a medal. 

Regarding Cavies and the death of Don Warren, I’m not sure it would have all that much of an impact on recruitment. Regarding Cavies being the only remaining all male corps and gaining young men who would have auditioned for Madison, that’s hard to tell. In Indy I sit with some seasoned Madison folks, mostly alumni, and there are some concerns regarding talent going elsewhere, but Cavies was not mentioned specifically. 

My hope for Cadets is that by making it affordable to audition (travel expenses only), they will attract talent. In our world of arm chair quarterbacking, it’s easy to say last year was an off year, but kids deciding where to march may need more convincing.

For a long shot prediction, I am thinking Pacific Crest could have a good audition season. This past year’s show was enjoyable which is nothing new for the  corps, but it had a certain sophistication to it and an upward trend is a possibility.

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Cascades will hopefully have a larger turnout this year, we're offering satellite camps in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas, and Portland!

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I actually think The Cavaliers will have an extremely good turnout. I was walking in the park this afternoon and I was listening to the hornlines warm up before Indy (I believe) and the structure is incredible. 

However, if they want to go further and beyond... they need to bolster up on their visual aspect. They are improving, but they need to work on the fundamentals of marching technique and guiding. Not saying they aren't, but it was lacking compared to the music aspect. *Note* they did an amazing job at cleaning up the drill as the season went on.

If they put a little focus on that... BAM! The future turnout at each camp will be immeasurable. 

That being said.... I firmly believe the corps is going to attract a lot of amazing talent for this season. Heck, I love the direction the corps is moving towards. 


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