2019 DCI Blu-ray is availble for pre-order

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I am grateful for the compliments but I have to say, watch the credits at the end of the last corps on either disc and know that list of people, especially director Jeff Clark and audio engineers Jami

DCI should release a collection of just Cavies shows.... 🙂

I'm but a simple man. I see DCI Blu-Ray and express shipping option, I order DCI Blu-Ray and express shipping option.

Gabriel’s Oboe has been cut! (3:16!)

And Crossmen’ Immigrant Song (:50)


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I had a bad feeling this was going to happen. The exclusion of Gabriel's Oboe is terribly disappointing.  It was such a highlight of the season for me, much like Wicked Games two years ago. 

I will enjoy the CD to be sure, as the brass and the soloists were exquisite, but there were some great visual moments that really drove the emotion of the piece home that will be sorely missed from the championship recording.  

It's really too bad that this is the way the system works.  

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I remember hearing during the season that Gabriel's Oboe and Carmina Burana were being discussed in the same light as Circus, Hamilton, and Zeppelin, so it wasn't a shock out of nowhere to see it, but it still really stings. At least I'll always have the visual memory of the wall of reverence from the battery during the big crescendo hit. 

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Incredibly happy that there are only two cuts listed.  And the fact that they got the rights to Bluecoats done and opening of Phantom done is a relief.  
Incredibly disappointed about Crown and Gabriel’s Oboe...the flugelhorn soloists were just wonderful.  My favorite part of Crowns show.  To not have that on bluray video is upsetting to say the least.  Some day licensing will get resolved...some day. 

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