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My 2002 Season Journal

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August 9, 2002, 8:32pm CT - Tour Day 78

Madison, WI


Our semifinals show was, by far, the best performance of the 2002 Crossmen to date. I felt awesome during the entire show and just knew we were hitting it. Adding the entrance from the back corner of the stadium really added crowd response to the performance which also helped to drive us a little too.


This morning Chuck Naffier spoke to us about adding heart and energy to our show to complement the cleanliness of quarterfinals and we did. He told us about six spots in the show where we could really push and tonight we got crowd response at every one of them. 


We still have one show left before the 2002 Crossmen is gone forever and I really hope the finals atmosphere will give us the extra edge. If we have another performance like tonight, all of the hard work, sweat, and frustration will have been worth it.


Madison, WI - Quarterfinals


  1. The Cavaliers - 98.7 - All Captions

  2. The Cadets - 96.95

  3. Blue Devils - 96.9

  4. Santa Clara Vanguard - 96.0

  5. Phantom Regiment - 93.2

  6. Bluecoats - 92.7

  7. Glassmen - 92.65

  8. Boston Crusaders - 91.95

  9. Crossmen - 90.15

  10. Spirit of Atlanta - 87.2

  11. Magic of Orlando - 87.15

  12. Seattle Cascades - 86.9

  13. Blue Knights - 86.15

  14. Madison Scouts - 85.5

  15. Colts - 85.25

  16. Carolina Crown - 83.8

  17. Capital Regiment - 79.3

  18. Southwind - 79.25

  19. Mandarins - 78.05

  20. Kiwanis Kavaliers - 75.9

  21. Troopers - 75.55

  22. Pioneer - 72.35


Madison, WI - Semifinals

  1. The Cavaliers - 99.05 - All Captions

  2. Blue Devils - 97.55

  3. The Cadets - 97.0

  4. Santa Clara Vanguard - 95.7

  5. Phantom Regiment - 92.8

  6. Boston Crusaders - 92.45

  7. Bluecoats - 92.25

  1. Glassmen - 92.25

  1. Crossmen - 90.65

  2. Magic of Orlando - 87.1

  3. Spirit of Atlanta - 86.75

  4. Seattle Cascades - 85.95

  5. Blue Knights - 85.5

  6. Madison Scouts - 84.85

  7. Colts - 83.9

  8. Carolina Crown - 81.8

  9. Capital Regiment - 77.35


(Next post is August 11.)

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August 11, 2002, 4:39am CT

Madison, WI


And just like that, it’s over.


I’ll write more about finals night a little later. Right now I’m sitting in Madison’s little airport and I’m surrounded by drum corps for the final time this summer. I see jackets from the corps I’ve seen on the road and it’s a reminder that we’re really all in this together. At the end of the day, everyone sits on the floor of the airport catching some sleep and wondering what the real world that we left behind for 80 days has in store tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who the people are sitting around me or what team they played for all summer; we are the 2002 corps of Drum Corps International and no matter what happens when we go our separate ways, no one can take that away from us.


Madison, WI - Finals


  1. The Cavaliers - 99.15 - All Captions

  2. Blue Devils - 97.3

  3. The Cadets - 96.75

  4. Santa Clara Vanguard - 95.65

  5. Phantom Regiment - 92.4

  1. Boston Crusaders - 92.4

  1. Bluecoats - 91.5

  2. Glassmen - 91.0

  3. Crossmen - 89.1

  4. Spirit of Atlanta - 85.45

  5. Magic of Orlando - 84.85

  6. Seattle Cascades - 84.05

(One more post to come)

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2 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

wasn't a 9th place show

Sure it is. Says right there in the Finals score 9th place Crossmen with a 89.1

What place was it? 

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August 11, 2002, 2:25pm ET

Newark, NJ


I have a few minutes here in Newark Airport so I thought I’d write a little about finals day/night. We woke up for stretch like usual and then had breakfast, which was open to family, friends, and fans of the corps. Speeches were given by various staff members throughout the day so it was an emotional rollercoaster as I expected. We did a full 5 hours of rehearsal, but focus was scattered early on. We got things together to have a strong full ensemble. After we finished our last rehearsal I packed everything I had left because I was leaving straight from finals. 


We had a really strong preshow warmup in the horn arc and there was an electricity throughout the hornline. While I would have liked it to have been a bit darker, performing in DCI Finals was great! The crowd really got into our show and we had another emotionally charged performance. I have some mixed feelings about whether it topped semifinals or not, but it was a performance to remember either way. The meeting outside the gate following the show was emotional. We all began to hug each other and cry tears of happiness, sadness, and relief. I’m sure everyone felt differently about the season coming to a close, but we all realized that this group of people would never perform together again.It was time to say goodbye, forever in many cases I suspect.


Thinking about all that Crossmen went through in 2002, the evolution of the corps, the highs and the lows...it’s just something that can’t be put into words. Everyone who has done this crazy thing we call drum corps knows the mixed feelings of such a bittersweet ending. Retreat was fun (how can a tie not be fun?) and we spent some time on the field taking pictures and saying some more good-byes. Things moved quickly after we exited Camp Randall Stadium and before I knew it, I was in a hotel room, my DCI experience but a memory.


I only had the opportunity to march 1 DCI season, but I am so grateful that I did it. It was an amazing experience that I will treasure for a long time. I met some great people who I hope to keep in touch with because you never know how paths may cross again in the future. It is time for me to move forward and close this chapter in my life that so fittingly began in this very airport almost 9 months ago.


(The End.)

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Wow.... 2020 may have been awful, but I am thankful that you decided to post this. 

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3 hours ago, E3D said:

Sure it is. Says right there in the Finals score 9th place Crossmen with a 89.1

What place was it? 

i know what the scores say. i was there, i saw the show develop all summer. it was better than 9th. 

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