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My 2002 Season Journal

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3 hours ago, Jurassic Lancer said:

I think you say that because you know how Frameworks turned out.

Not really lol. The posters general feel is optimistic and I love it. 

When I was a kid I thought of auditioning for Crossmen because they were local at the time. And ironically I have family that live in the Philadelphia area... so it makes some sense as to why I like them. 

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11 hours ago, Ghost said:

Now, now JL.  You know how sensitive Hook'em can be.

Hahaha! Only if you bash DCI xD

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Just rewatched 2002 last night.  Still love the Crossmen show and I completely forgot what position they finished that year.  An enjoyable show is not made less enjoyable simply because of where the judges placed it.  One of my favorites in 2002 for sure.

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i was at Lansdale....i think the review is still on here. i thought at that point Bones could beat BD

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On 6/27/2020 at 6:02 PM, Hook'emCavies said:

I really like how optimistic you were for this show. That is a great attitude! 

We were in love with our show that year and the early season competitive success was exciting too. That will fade once Blue Devils go away for a week and turn their show into a monster!

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June 29, 2002, 11:58pm ET - Tour Day 37

Clifton, NJ → Beverly, MA


After a little bit of a disappointment last night in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, we came back strong tonight. It was the first time we really emoted our show and executed it all at the same time. We’re still running about three points behind the Blue Devils, which is still exciting. I don’t even care that much about beating them for the season, but it would be fun to beat them at some point. We still hold on to our position in the #4 spot.


I enjoyed the past few days because I’ve had the opportunity to perform in front of people I know. Megan (girlfriend at the time) was at the show last night, which was a bit flat, but still pretty good. Only about another week until we leave the east coast.



  1. The Cadets - 82.00 - all captions

  2. Blue Devils - 79.60

  3. Crossmen - 76.25

  4. Spirit of Atlanta - 71.20

  5. Carolina Crown - 70.60

  6. Kiwanis Kavaliers - 62.45


  1. Jersey Surf - 62.55

  2. Lehigh Valley Knights - 55.55



  1. The Cadets - 82.35 - all captions

  2. Blue Devils - 80.70

  3. Crossmen - 77.70

  4. Spirit of Atlanta - 73.45

  5. Carolina Crown - 70.50

  6. Kiwanis Kavaliers - 63.40


  1. Jersey Surf - 61.75


(Next post is July 1.)

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July 1, 2002, 11:05pm ET - Tour Day 39

Beverly, MA → Stratford, CT


Today was a full rehearsal day in Beverly, Massachusetts. It was good because we needed the rehearsal time and we didn’t travel last night so we were able to get a full night’s sleep. It was not so good because I am fully and completely out of the long, full day of rehearsing schedule. I don’t even know how I did that every day during spring training. It seems like such a long time ago. We started working on a musical and visual revamp of “Candle in the Window” today, but it won’t be ready for a few days. Like every other time we’ve tried to rework the ballad, practice went very slowly as the staff played around with different ideas. In the end, I hope this change pays off though because I’d much rather spend rehearsal time cleaning what we’ve already got rather than putting in a whole new tune. 


As for as the competition world goes, we dropped below Santa Clara Vanguard and Phantom Regiment over the weekend, but we won’t see either corps for direct competition for a few more weeks so it’s really hard to say where we stand.



  1. The Cadets - 83.50 - all captions

  2. Blue Devils - 81.85

  3. Crossmen - 78.55

  4. Boston Crusaders - 76.85

  5. Spirit of Atlanta - 72.10

  6. Kiwanis Kavaliers - 63.30

Exh. Boston Crusaders Senior

Exh. East Coast Jazz


(Next post is July 4.)

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Aw, man, bringin' it all back.  Thanks for doing this. 🙂

Actually, 2002 Crossmen were an inspiration to me.  One of 02 Corpsmen trumpet players (can't remember his name) was a tech for Scenic City the next year.  Loved your show!  

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July 4, 2002, 12:07am ET - Tour Day 42

Portsmouth, RI


The past two days have been, by far, the hottest of the summer so far. It got to over 100 with the heat index and we were out working in it. Last night it paid off with a great performance in Bridgeport, Connecticut, but tonight we had a weak showing in Bristol, Rhode Island. Our show last night was good enough to win percussion and general effect visual and put us within two points of the Blue Devils. 


My focus is on Friday night when we were supposed to have a free night at Hersheypark. I made plans to meet Megan (girlfriend) there to spend the night at the park together. My mother even went to the trouble of getting a hotel room and setting everything up, but now we are no longer taking the free night in Hersey. So I can’t even tell Megan about the change until tomorrow night because she’s not back from her cruise yet. I’m pretty disappointed about the change, but we’ll work through it.



  1. Blue Devils - 82.0 - all captions

  2. Crossmen - 80.05

  3. Boston Crusaders - 77.45

  4. Spirit of Atlanta - 74.25

  5. Carolina Crown - 72.35

  6. Kiwanis Kavaliers - 64.85


  1. Magic of Orlando - 77.8



  1. The Cadets - 84.5 - all captions

  2. Blue Devils - 82.1

  3. Crossmen - 78.15

  4. Boston Crusaders - 76.4

  5. Bluecoats - 75.55

  6. Carolina Crown - 73.6

  7. Spirit of Atlanta - 72.4

  8. Kiwanis Kavaliers - 61.75


(Next post is July 5.)

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