Favorite Corps songs of the 1970's

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2 hours ago, KeithHall said:

Oops I thought I put this in Historical! Sorry

It's February. We need something to talk about other than the Cadets and Yea. 

Danny Boy. 


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So Very Hard to Go.   

Easier to ask who did NOT play it!  😎 

So Sanchez had 12 kids in 1979 and Mangione was the uncle to each of them. Sounds like the start of a Mensa exam question. Now let's talk about Land of Make Believe.....  

1972  Anaheim Kingsmen - Ritual Fire Dance

1974 Anaheim Kingsmen - Symphonie Fantastique (because who doesn't like music influenced by spurned love and a bad opium trip?)

1976 Blue Devils - Channel One Suite 

1978 Blue Devils - Spanish Fantasy


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I too loved 27th and “Danny Boy.” I also loved BAC’s Coronation March from “La Prophete” and North Star’s Beach Boys medley was fun. However, I am a huge classical music and opera buff, and I can recall seeing Phantom Regiment at CYO Nationals in 1977 and the next day went to Barnes and Noble at Downtown  Crossing in Boston and buying LP’s of Dvorak’s Symphony #9 and Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto. There was a label Sine Qua Non that featured recordings from lesser known orchestras in Europe and sold for 1.99 per LP. Later I would add Grieg, Wagner overtures, Stravinsky, and Saint Sean’s Symphony #3 to my collection. 

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17 hours ago, KeithHall said:

Top of the list....Blue Devils "Legend of the One - Eyed Sailor"


Cavaliers "Once Upon a Time/Somewhere Over The Rainbow"


27th "Danny Boy"


Madison Scouts, "MacArthur Park" and "Rhapsody in Blue"

The Madison Scouts corps song was and is "May You Never Walk Alone"...not "Mcarther Park" or "Rhapsody in Blue".

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