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2019 DCI Review #1 - THE CAVALIERS

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7 minutes ago, Skeletor '96 said:

Wow - amazing.  Thank you for giving me so much insight to the meanings of this show.  I can't wait to watch it again.  I didn't really watch much drum corps from 2009 till Finals night last year and was bombarded with a dozen new shows I had no foreknowledge of the stories behind.  If I keep reviewing shows I gotta bear in mind that I have a very outsider-ish, naive understanding of them.  I am looking at them at surface level only.

Welcome to "the in between times." Soon enough you'll be watching the top DCA corps and considering whether or not you've got it in you to catch the bug again. 

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Nice review! 

This is my 2nd favorite show of the decade from the Cavaliers far behind Mad World but far ahead of Propaganda.  

Their strong brass performance and full line of 16 contras are what definitely won me over. Otherwise it was a pleasant accessible show from a fan standpoint.  

Their encore in Buffalo was a can't miss experience and I probably enjoyed their show reveal more than any other corps- but I was expecting a real boxcar after that reveal.


I do agree that the Cavaliers (and Boston) have a lot of potential to move up over the next few years. Cavaliers definitely finished stronger and earned 5th though

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