How much money did you give to your corps?

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Surfers, New London Ct 1971-1979

$3 per week x 52=$156

8yrs x $156 =$1248

I'm trying to understand today's prices when as participants we both still get nothing.

The alumni charged 7th regiment about $1600 for the first year and raised for the only two remaining for 18-21.

Presently they seem two want $225 to audition and $125  to audition for every year after(18-21), and i was able to understand a $40 call back fee.

The "what you get" question is not answered by Fees and tuition, this was not included in yesteryear D&BC

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The Vanguard had dues of $1.00 per week plus $.25 per month for gloves. I think that our insurance was $12.00 per year. Tour money was banked with the corps and doled out as needed. Varied depending on tour schedule.

Corps operational expenses were paid by the Manhem-Vanguard Assn., who owned the corps.

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