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2 hours ago, mfrontz said:

I didn't like it at the time, but I only saw it on the PBS Broadcast. I could appreciate its technical difficulties, but on my dinky TV I wasn't blown away.

I loved it then ... I love it now. 

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If BDs 91 horn line is 1A........then the 93 horn line is 1AA. Two of the best ever. 

As I alluded to in 1992, for me this is the Year that DCI Got Weird.   Funny personal story - after returning from basic training, I had totally forgotten that DCI was on and stumbled across it o

I loved it then ... I love it now. 

14 minutes ago, Chief Guns said:

If BDs 91 horn line is 1A........then the 93 horn line is 1AA. Two of the best ever. 

I agree. When the subject of great brass lines comes up, I tend to begin with BD and Star 91 and BD and Star 93. Carolina has certainly produced a few, and BD and Cadets have had some tremendous lines throughout their history. There are others. But those early 90s lines by BD and Star were really something special. The game is so different today with all the other elements that seem to go into a show. 

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Star grew one me.....i didn't like it at first in 93, tho i didn't see it til finals week. by the time i got the cd's and video, my mind changed.


first show was bensalem, a rainout. a week later Hershey. the minute Cadets ended the tenor feature ( that changed tenor writing forever) i said they'd win DCI.


I too remember the monsoon at East, but that year it felt East got the B show compared to Denver. ahhhh 1-900 Can Drum


Cadets and Star were both incredible. I preferred cadets to win then and now, but both were unreal.Phantom took a huge step forward after 92, and BD was awesome. Cavies was good, but i felt it was 92 take 2. madison so much fun and of course the rain hype in Jackson. god i still love this show. it was so different from the previous several years...the color scheme, the percussion...the visual....Crossmen....great idea on paper, but didn't work out. no slouch tho. fun Bloo show and i also love BK that year...IMO the last great standalone drum solo!! Glassmen and Colts first time, and still shows i can listen to anytime. i was thrilled i got to do an Arkenstone show as an arranger several years later. In fact vK was 12th at quarters. so much fun with VK and what a drumline!


other shows out of the top i love: Magic, Southwind, Freelancers, Northern Aurora



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Yay, keep these great posts coming! 

Random recollections...

To a teenage brit, the 93 broadcast was initially dissapointing. It seemed less glossy, not such a grand scale, and with the rain, less American! 

Watching with some older friends raised on 80s jazz, the top 3 lost them - "they're playing warm ups"! 

Was this Curt Gowdys most error prone year? 

Loved the BD interlude with the notes on the screen. Can still hear that mellos and alto section now! 

Cadets running tenor break

Phantom blew the house down with FOEG then were quite messy standing up again. Love that show but at the time felt the ending was abrupt

BD chain reaction...they come in with this awesome riff, you think some great Johnny One Note or Tommy esque tune is starting... and then they move on. An early foreshadowing of future  programming  😁

Anyone else wonder how come the tenor player for Star in the experiment was wearing a vanguard drum line tshirt? Didn't tribal rules prevent this?! 

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4 minutes ago, grimmo said:


Was this Curt Gowdys most error prone year? 

Standing ovation for the Kansas City Star! 

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8 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

Star grew one me.....i didn't like it at first in 93, tho i didn't see it til finals week. by the time i got the cd's and video, my mind changed.

I remember not liking '82 Garfield the first time I saw them.  It was just too different at first viewing.  By the end of the season I looked forward to seeing them.

Vanguard's quiet ending in '83 was also an adjustment.   We were so used to having our faces blown off at the end of each show.   "Is that the ending? - When do we clap?"

Another Vanguard adjustment - the '84 percussion solo.  "It's too quiet!"  Now it's just so amazing to listen to.   

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Outside of the top 3 my favorite shows in 1993 were 

  1. Glassmen's "A Voyage Through Imagination" - the music of David Arkenstone. This show caught my attention early that summer. It is one of my favorite Glassmen shows, and I like a bunch of them. This was really great music for a drum corps show.
  2. Blue Knights: "The Next Generation" - this was their Star Trek show and it is one of the classic BK shows
  3. Blue Devils - I got to see BD live only once (in Michigan). They had a fun book and a fabulous brass line. BD and Madison both gave us great arrangements of "Strawberry Soup."
  4. VK and their "Marriage of Figaro" segment was so fun

The first regional shows of that summer were DCI North (Buffalo) and DCI South (Nashville)

Buffalo, NY                                    DCI
   DCI North                                         
    1 Star of Indiana                            88.9
    2 Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      87.4
    3 Cavaliers                                  84.9
    4 Crossmen                                   80.2
    5 Bluecoats                                  76.5
    6 Boston Crusaders                           70.2
    7 Dutch Boy                                  68.1
    8 Northern Aurora                            66.5
   Nashville, TN                                  DCI
   DCI South                                         
    1 Phantom Regiment                           85.0
    2 Blue Devils                                84.8
    3 Santa Clara Vanguard                       80.8
    4 Blue Knights                               79.7
    5 Velvet Knights                             73.6
    6 Glassmen                                   73.0
    7 Freelancers                                71.6
    8 Spirit of Georgia                          71.5
    9 Magic of Orlando                           66.7
   10 Sky Ryders                                 64.7


We had 4 shows in Ohio in a period of 3 days that showed just how good Star and Cadets were. I managed to attend 2 of them.

---------------  Monday, July 26  --------------- 
   Massillon, OH                                  DCI
    1 Star of Indiana                            89.4
    2 Crossmen                                   81.1
    3 Bluecoats                                  77.1
    4 Glassmen                                   74.3
    5 Boston Crusaders                           72.4
    6 Dutch Boy                                  70.0
    7 Northern Aurora                            64.6
    8 Golden Lancers                             43.8

This was the Bluecoats 2nd show of the season I think. Great stadium and sound. 
If the fans were having some troubles adjusting to Star of Indiana, the judges were not. It seemed the judges got it and loved it.

   ---------------  Tuesday, July 27  ---------------
   Columbus, OH                                   DCI
    1 Cavaliers                                  87.3
    2 Madison Scouts                             82.9
    3 Santa Clara Vanguard                       81.9
    4 Freelancers                                73.4
    5 Boston Crusaders                           71.0
    6 Carolina Crown                             61.3

I went to the Columbus show. Shorter drive. Cavaliers were very good but not my favorite show from them. Madison and SCV were
both good and fun to watch, they were just struggling with performance and making sense of their shows. I actually really
enjoyed Carolina Crown. None of us had any idea what they would ultimately become.
   Fairfield, OH                                  DCI
    1 Star of Indiana                            89.4
    2 Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      87.2
    3 Blue Devils                                84.6
    4 Crossmen                                   81.3
    5 Velvet Knights                             74.3
    6 Colts                                      71.1
    7 Spirit of Georgia                          70.6
    8 Marauders                                  61.8

What Star was doing to the competition, even over a powerful Cadets corps and a solid BD unit was unreal.
   --------------  Wednesday, July 28  --------------
   Centerville, OH                                DCI
    1 Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      87.9
    2 Blue Devils                                85.6
    3 Madison Scouts                             82.6
    4 Freelancers                                73.4
    5 Velvet Knights                             73.0
    6 Sky Ryders                                 67.5
    7 Troopers                                   67.2
    8 Black Gold                                 50.3
   Fort Wayne, IN                                 DCI
    1 Star of Indiana                            90.7
    2 Phantom Regiment                           85.3
    3 Bluecoats                                  77.6
    4 Colts                                      73.0
    5 Boston Crusaders                           72.9
    6 Marauders                                  64.6
    7 Southwind                                  63.8

Amazing looking at this to realize Phantom would go on to take 3rd at Finals. 


The next big regional was Preview of Champions in Ypsilanti, MI. This was the only regional to include all the corps in D1. Here are prelim results:

---------------  Friday, July 30  --------------- 
   Ypsilanti, MI                                  DCI
   PoC prelims                                       
    1 Star of Indiana                            90.1
    ^ Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      90.1
    3 Cavaliers                                  86.7
    4 Blue Devils                                86.4
    5 Phantom Regiment                           86.2
    6 Madison Scouts                             83.1
    7 Santa Clara Vanguard                       83.0
    8 Crossmen                                   81.4
    9 Blue Knights                               77.4
   10 Bluecoats                                  76.9
   11 Glassmen                                   75.5
   12 Freelancers                                73.7
   13 Velvet Knights                             72.9
   14 Colts                                      72.5
   15 Spirit of Georgia                          70.9
   16 Boston Crusaders                           69.8
   17 Troopers                                   67.9
   18 Magic of Orlando                           67.8
   19 Dutch Boy                                  67.0
   20 Sky Ryders                                 66.7
   21 Northern Aurora                            64.3
   22 Southwind                                  62.0
   23 Marauders                                  60.9
   24 Carolina Crown                             59.6
   25 Black Gold                                 51.5


Cadets managed to tie Star at prelims. Both Star and Cadets were pretty far in front of the competition for good reasons. At times during that summer you kind of wondered if anyone would at least close the gap. Phantom was sitting in 5th, but it was all pretty close with PR, Cavies, and BD.

The next night Star would pull away. Cavaliers scored better, Phantom tied BD, and SCV jumped Madison.

--------------  Saturday, July 31  -------------- 
   Ypsilanti, MI                                  DCI
   Preview of Champions                              
    1 Star of Indiana                            92.0
    2 Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      90.4
    3 Cavaliers                                  87.9
    4 Phantom Regiment                           86.7
    ^ Blue Devils                                86.7
    6 Santa Clara Vanguard                       83.6
    7 Madison Scouts                             83.3
    8 Crossmen                                   81.6
    9 Blue Knights                               79.9
   10 Bluecoats                                  77.1
   11 Glassmen                                   73.9
   12 Freelancers                                72.3


The next two regional shows were split, with one being DCI East and the other Drums Along The Rockies in Denver.

Allentown, PA                                  DCI
   DCI East                                          
    1 Cavaliers                                  90.4
    2 Blue Devils                                90.3
    3 Crossmen                                   86.4
    4 Bluecoats                                  84.8
    5 Velvet Knights                             80.6
    6 Boston Crusaders                           77.9
    7 Magic of Orlando                           73.9
    8 Spirit of Georgia                          73.4
    9 Dutch Boy                                  73.0
   10 Northern Aurora                            69.0
   11 Southwind                                  67.2

Cavaliers were very competitive that summer with BD and Phantom for most of the season. 
Not my favorite Cavies show, but the Heroes, Lost and Fallen segment was pretty good.
   Denver, CO                                     DCI
   Drums Along the Rockies                           
    1 Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      93.1
    2 Star of Indiana                            92.8
    3 Phantom Regiment                           89.7
    4 Madison Scouts                             86.6
    5 Santa Clara Vanguard                       85.5
    6 Blue Knights                               83.1
    7 Glassmen                                   79.0
    8 Freelancers                                78.8
    9 Colts                                      77.2
   10 Troopers                                   70.2
   11 Marauders                                  67.5
   12 SCV Cadets                                 64.0
   13 Black Gold                                 59.9

This was the first time Star of Indiana had lost a show that season. Cadets had tied them in Prelims at PoC in Michigan, but this probably signaled to many fans that The Cadets were cleaning and putting the final touches on a great show. 

The Cadets would beat Star one more time before Finals week in Texarkana, AR.

-------------  Wednesday, August 11  -------------
   Texarkana, AR                                  DCI
    1 Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      93.9
    2 Star of Indiana                            93.5
    3 Blue Knights                               86.0
    4 Glassmen                                   81.7
    5 Freelancers                                81.3
    6 Colts                                      78.3
    7 Sky Ryders                                 71.8
    8 Marauders                                  67.9
    9 Delta Brigade                              34.8


The last two regional shows were held in Houston and Bloomington.

-------------  Saturday, August 14  ------------- 
   Bloomington, IN                                DCI
   DCI Mid-America                                   
    1 Star of Indiana                            95.7
    2 Cavaliers                                  93.6
    3 Blue Devils                                93.5
    4 Crossmen                                   89.4
    5 Bluecoats                                  87.3
    6 Velvet Knights                             83.7
    7 Boston Crusaders                           82.5
    8 Spirit of Georgia                          79.5
    9 Dutch Boy                                  78.0
   10 Magic of Orlando                           77.3
   11 Carolina Crown                             70.4
   12 Southwind                                  70.1
   13 Northern Aurora                            70.0
   Houston, TX                                    DCI
   DCI Southwest                                     
    1 Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      96.0
    2 Phantom Regiment                           93.3
    3 Madison Scouts                             89.8
    4 Santa Clara Vanguard                       89.4
    5 Blue Knights                               86.1
    6 Glassmen                                   81.6
    7 Freelancers                                81.5
    8 Colts                                      80.9
    9 Sky Ryders                                 77.9
   10 Troopers                                   74.4
   11 Marauders                                  69.9
   12 Black Gold                                 61.5


Quarterfinals in 1993 gave an indication of how 1st and 2nd place were really in a league of their own. Phantom would close the gap on Finals night with their terrific performance. BD and Cavalier traded places each night with BD grabbing 4th at Finals. Madison would beat SCV each night. Very interesting to look at the spreads from Quarterfinals.

-------------  Thursday, August 19  ------------- 
   Jackson, MS                                    DCI
    1 Star of Indiana                            97.8
    2 Cadets of Bergen Cty.                      97.4
    3 Phantom Regiment                           94.9
    4 Blue Devils                                94.5
    5 Cavaliers                                  94.4
    6 Madison Scouts                             91.9
    7 Santa Clara Vanguard                       91.1
    8 Crossmen                                   90.6
    9 Bluecoats                                  88.3
   10 Blue Knights                               87.4
   11 Glassmen                                   85.6
   12 Velvet Knights                             83.9
   13 Colts                                      83.5
   14 Boston Crusaders                           83.0
   15 Freelancers                                82.4
   16 Magic of Orlando                           80.9
   17 Spirit of Georgia                          79.2
   18 Dutch Boy                                  78.3
   19 Troopers                                   77.1
   20 Sky Ryders                                 74.3
   21 Carolina Crown                             74.2
   22 Southwind                                  73.0
   23 Marauders                                  71.1
   24 Northern Aurora                            70.0
   25 SCV Cadets                                 69.3
   26 Mandarins                                  67.2
   27 Pioneer                                    65.5
   28 L'Insolite                                 64.6
   29 Black Gold                                 58.3


This is probably the best look at how the season played out. I would have been fine with Cadets or Star winning. I was rooting for Cadets at the time but I loved Star's show and likely felt they were a tad better. Phantom was awesome. To this day I think Star and Cadets in 1993 represent two of the most demanding shows I have ever seen. This is especially true if you take away all the frills with electronics, mics, amps, props, narration, singing, etc. Neither show was perfectly clean at Finals due to the rain and other conditions. The extreme heat in the south that summer caused problems for all the corps when it came to practice. Jackson, MS was not the best place for Finals. Attendance did not seem to be good. I would have paid a lot of money to see Star and Cadets lay down cleaner performances in the cool, crisp air of Camp Randal in Madison, WI. 

Overall, 1993 was a solid DCI season with two iconic shows and some of the best brass lines you will ever hear. In general, drill was wicked fast, complex, and we were hitting the apex of what I call the run-and-gun era (AKA whiplash era). It was a different time. I feel 1992 was a better year when you consider location of Finals and the numerous shows that were better designed. DCI's choice to go to Jackson was not a good one.

If you are the type that enjoys a wide-open race for the championship, this was NOT the year for you. You had two choices, and for a lot of the season there was one choice...STAR. Most shows were not close...not even in the ballpark close. Only Cadets truly had a show that could catch Star. 

Like 'em, love 'em, or hate 'em...Star of Indiana left DCI after 1993, but they left us with one of the most legendary, polarizing, and controversial shows of all time. The show is a timeless masterpiece that will live on for decades more. It will be hated and loved and argued for many more years. To this day it remains the most daring show design I've ever seen. 

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