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The 1998 Thread

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Cadets of Bergen County - 1st, 98.4; High GE, High Visual

A 10.0 in visual performance, top GE, and excellence across the board. Wind ensemble music by Jan Van der Roost provided the soundscape to the flawless execution of Jeff Sacktig's vision. I saw this corps twice and was blown away both times. 

Santa Clara Vanguard - 2nd, 97.9; High Percussion

I love this show. Copland like few hear him. Aggressive, brooding, and performed with that Vanguard elan. 

Blue Devils - 3rd, 97.7; High Brass, High Auxiliary (non-judged caption)

Juliet meets and falls in love with Tony, Bernstein trades licks with Tchaikovsky. Genius, but at Allentown I thought 'They left the door open for Cadets.' True also in Florida. Nevertheless, awesome.

Cavaliers - 4th, 96.2

Deserves to be remembered if only for the awesome Philip Sparke arrangements, especially the elegiac and majestic 'Lento (For the Brass).'

Glassmen - 5th, 92.8

What a great drum corps playing the music of (edit: Borodin) and layering it in gold. (Shhh, they beat BD in drums at finals.)

Madison Scouts - 6th, 91.9

Tasty, tasty arrangements with a little symphonic thrown in. 'Remembrance' is a Madison classic.

Crossmen - 7th, 91.4

Bones and Metheny were a match made in heaven. 

Phantom Regiment - 8th, 90.4

Hard to do Roman music after Star 91. The usual Phantom power, but seemed a little sloppy. But herald bugles!

Blue Knights - 9th, 89.5

Someone tell BK Beethoven doesn't work on a football field. Just ask 15 Car--- oh.

Bluecoats - 10th, 87.1

A slapped-on theme allowing them to end with 'Autumn Leaves.' Who cares? We're having fun.

Carolina Crown - 11th, 85.7

Alfred Reed music is always good to stretch your chops. Plus, Russian Christmas Music!

Colts - 12th, 85.3

A cappella was big in the 90s, and a lot of it made into the marching world. 

There were lots more drum corps who marched. 

Tell me about your 98. 

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an underrated year.


started in Elkton MD for me, and you could see then Cadets were onto something. so too were Crossmen bringing back Metheny. Crown abd Bloo fighting for that bottom of the finals pack, both with fun shows. Spirit with some Thurston beats too!! a few days later on a whim drove to Altoona to see Cadets, Bones and crown.....Magic joined the gang as did KKavs and les etoiles. good stuff for so early.


July 9-10 i drove all over the Harrisburg/Hershey area before the 7/11 Hershey show...I spent hours each day seeing Boston, Spirit, Bloo, and especially Cadets rehearse. in fact i got to see Cadets add what became the opening to the show. at Hershey Cadets still way ahead, Bloo gaining on Bones, followed by Crown with Magic gaining on them, then Spirit...and who knew this would be Bostons last year as a non finalist!!, then KKavs and les Etoiles.


then a few weeks of DCA stuff and checking RAMD for scores daily...and Allentown! Night 1 had Cadets over BD, and wow...a different vibe from BD, but so cool! and helllloooooooooooo Glassmen! i still love to hear that drum break! Phantom...better than 97, but not grabbing me yet. Digging Clots a lot, who tied crown, magic starting to fall behind a little, Spirit behind them, but rebuilding since almost died a few years prior, and Pioneer looking like maybe they could be a player in time.

Saturday at Allentown...well hello SCV! so fun....so raw....so clean...they lit the place up! Not too far behind Cavies with a show that becomes more legendary every year, especially the Machine. i would so love to see that brought back. Madison....Rememberance was head and shoulders better than 90. Bk showing hints of the next 2 years, Crossmen threw down but seemed ina  score rut...Bloo still fun and a show i don't feel gets enough love. Boston amazing growth since hershey, KKavs behind them, then les Etoiles and Troop who seemed to be having a tough time.



so a few days later we gather in the hell of heat, humidity, storms and rat ears. Thursday saw things BD, SCV then Cadets, Cavies sold 4th, then Madison, Gmen, Bones, BK, Phantom, Bloo, Colts, Crown, magic, Spirit with a huge jump, Boston, KKavs and Les Etoiles making the Friday cut. the rest all Pio, several fund D2/3 corps, then Troop.

Friday...cadets on top, BD and SCV tie for 2nd. Gonna be one of those years! Cavies inching towards those 3, then Gmen over madison and Bones. Phantom and BK tie, Bloo, colts and Crown make the finals cut. 

Saturday...cadets hang on, SCV in 2nd, then BD right behind them. Cavies, Gmen, Madison and Bones hold pat, Phantom pulls away from BK, Bloo stays and Crown hops colts.


some really great shows in a year where the design changes, especially musically start really becoming apparent, yet few shows truly boring. The real key is that even with the changes, shows weren't super deep, which would become an issue in future years, and still got some serious crowd response, leading to IMO oe of the greatest finals years in 99.

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2 hours ago, MikeZ said:

1998 Cadets is my least favorite championship show ever. All sections were great, but the overall show was a snoozer for me. Give me Vanguard 98 over them...


Just wondering if you saw it live?  I can understand your position based on video alone.  

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