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4th of July

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For me, Garfield's show the summer after 09/11.  I really appreciated it and it was very good.

Not an entire show, but Anaheim Kingsmen "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" from 1972 also works.

(Zapruder-like film quality)


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As a history buff, July 4th is more than a celebration of independence, it is a celebration of all our years, and this year we may need it more than ever. 

Not necessarily in any order

2002 Boston Crusaders “You Are My Star”

2013 Bluecoats “to look For America”

1996 Bluecoats “American Celebrations”

1984 Suncoast Sound “Vietnam”

2011 Madison Scouts “New York Morning“ 

1987 Star of Indiana “Greatest Show on Turf” the circus is pretty Americana. You could also include 1988 with “Porgy and Bess, 1992 is pretty obvious, and perhaps 1985. After all, Disney is pretty American.

Four shows from the Cadets (could be more): 1987 Copland Show, 2014 “Promise:An American Story, 1984 “West Side Story” and 1982 with “Rocky Point Holiday.” I used to go to Rocky Point as a kid, and associate it with July and summer.

Honorable Mention: since I’m from Massachusetts and spent more than a few July 4th’s at the Esplanade listening to the Boston Pops and watching fireworks, I would have to include 1983 and 1992 Phantom Regiment with the 1812 Overture and 1976 Madison Scouts with “Stars and Stripes Forever”


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This is what he said: how about the closer from Cadets 2014?

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