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Has there ever been a 3-way tie at a drum corps contest?  If so, has there ever been a three-way

tie to win the contest?  I know there have been 2 corps ties for wins many times, including championships,

there was one tie for 12th, and I believe there have been a few other 2 corps ties in other placements at championships....

but I have never heard of a 3 way tie.  I have seen some incredibly tight contests, one where 3 corps were within less

than 3 tenths...........


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In the thousands of contests I have documented over the years, I did see a contest with a 3-way tie for first place.

I seem to recall it was in the early 60s, possibly in Wisconsin. Searching for it would be quite time-consuming.

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It's pretty cool if it happened............(and the sponsor says..."who do we give the trophy to"?........I wonder if they

sent two more out later on.......................


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