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The Blue Devils and the Vanguard tied at finals, to a chorus of 'ESS-CEE-VEE! ESS-CEE-VEE!' Cavaliers innovated, classically, Cadets took us to New York, and Glassmen were still in gold. Madison were hometown superstars. Blue Knights played Trittico, Phantom Tschaikovsky. Boston joined us for finals and they haven't left. Crossmen were clubbing, Crown was a split personality and Colts were vocal about being in finals.

This was the year the live broadcast came back to PBS, to be with us for a few years. And of course, it was the last year of only G bugles, although to be completely honest, it was the move to three-valves that pretty much changed the soundscape - fight me. 

I saw no live shows in 1999. My son was born in February and I was doing Clinical Pastoral Education during the summer, which was punctuated by a couple of deaths in the family. 

DCP is proud to present, 1999!

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99 was my first year in The Cadets. To say it was a rough season would be an understatement.  The design was a total disaster. The original opening of the show was going to be a free form with st

I liked so many shows in '99 - one of my favorites was Cadets. Loved the guard, the music and that incredible ballad.    

This was the only year from 1987 through 2019 that Bluecoats didn't make Finals.

Another corps I loved in '99 - Phantom Regiment

They didn't place any higher than the prior year but their return to the music of Tchaikovsky was really welcome.  Their horn line seemed to have so much more depth in '99 compared to '98.   So much great music to listen to. 



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I've mentioned this before, but many years later, I had the chance to ask Johan de Meij what he thought of Cadets' show, much of which used his Symphony No. 2. I remembered from the PBS broadcast (which was just the top five, as I recall) that he had been in attendance that evening.

He said he didn't care for it. He appreciated the performers' talent, but he felt that drum corps put visuals first, music second.

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3 hours ago, mfrontz said:


a great job using the "sweet spot" to catch front to back

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Share on other sites of my favorite DCi seasons ever.


my first show was in Elkton MDon 6/26..Cadets way over Crossmen, then Crown, Magic, Bloo, Spirit..and OMG Spirit's bottom bass....when he hit the Thurston lick you felt it. Cadets seemed so far ahead of everyone else. 4 days later in Allentown, gap between Cadets and Crossmen shrank to 5 points, Crown then Magic 5+ behind them and ahead of Boston...hmmm...Boston had something. it was early but hmmm


10 days later at Hershey, cadets still way up, Crown right behind Bones, Boston under them, pulling away from Bloo, Spirit and Magic, plus Tarheel Sun. Kiwanis and Les Etolies. Boston really growing as a corps...Crossmens throwback moment to 92 not going anywhere...truly falling in love with Crowns jekyll and Hyde


6 days later head down to Cumberland MD and see Gmen over the crew that had been under Cadets and while I liked 98 Gmen's show better, 99 had talent you couldnt deny. 


a few weeks of DCA stuff then Allentown...night 1: SCV wow! lit the place up!! the show was amazing and yet you could tell some cleaning needed to happen.Gmen and BK fighting for position and I loved BK aggressive! and Madison. JCS. As my friend Matt Bealer said after the opener "JESUS!!!" they lit the place up. dirty but fun. Crossmen improved but flat, then could feel some momentum there...same with Colts beating Bloo...Kiwanis, Troop and Les Toiles finishing the night out.

Night 2 everyone buzzing after SCV..well hi BD!!!! this is gonna be fun! Cadets right on their tail, and Cavies behind them with a show that keeps growing on me 21 years later, then Phantom...not sure what to make of it yet...big drop back to Crown and then another drop to Magic, Spirit, Southwind ( fun show!!) Pioneer than Tarheel. Oh man Mad city will be fun:

quarters: BD, SCV, Cadets, cavies, BK, Gmen, Madison...well ####. whichever makes tv look out!. then Phantom, like maybe finally???...Crown then Colts who are pulling away from Bloo, then Magic...Spirit and Southwind tie. Pio making semis, plus a lot of good stuff ealier

semis..looks like BD is pulling away...a full point over SCV. Cavies put a spread on cadets, then Gmen and Bk, then tv gang sorry...Crossmen, then yes!! Boston is finally in!!!!! Crown solid then Colts leave no doubt they are in as well...Bloo, Magic, Southwind pulls away from Spirit, then Pio.


finals night...what energy. those of us that did the DCA show in the afternoon are refreshed and ready and no let down. Colts a great way to start the night, then Crown...Boston tops Crossmen foreshadowing their late season surge the following year..Phantom is Phantom and JCS for Madison hits all the right notes and lights the place up to jump BK! Gmen, cadets and Cavies hold steady with cavies getting drums then...the tie!!! SCV and BD tie! absolute bedlam and both victory runs an absolute blast as well. 


i have worn out 2 cd sets, an i am talking all 3 discs. got it on dvdas soon as i could as the vhs was worn out. some absolute great shows, and some great last minute judging the show of the day


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