Will there be a DCI 2021 season? (Read before voting... )

Will there be a DCI 2021 season? (Read before voting... )  

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  1. 1. Assume both fall (marching band) and spring (WGI) marching arts are cancelled - but by January, we have three vaccines for covid-19 approved for general use, and widely deployed in ample supply. Could there still be a DCI season in 2021 under those circumstances?

    • Yes - maybe fewer shows, maybe more localized, but there could still be DCI contests in 2021.
    • No - if WGI takes 2021 off, there is zero chance of a DCI season. Fall 2021 marching band would be the first possible return of marching contests.

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5 minutes ago, O'Neal's said:

Why would Fauci say go back to school? He knows that their are old people teaching. But he says go back. Maybe because he sees it as being just like when you go get grocery, gas, pharmacy, work? 

What part of “only saying what I hear first hand” didn’t you understand? As for work.... my old place has been remote since mid March. 

And are you seriously saying that people here (who you do NOT know) are racist and don’t care? 

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I think of my parents And grandparents living through the Great Depression and World War II and I feel like an ### for complaining about this.  Come to think of it, my grandparents lived through

i don't expect anything.

Yes 100% right...Maybe, it will weed out some of us who have been around since dirt who may realize there might be more to life..lol..

Just find it freaking bizarre that teachers are being accused of hating their students...... That’s what I’m reading when I see anyone who is for virtual learning is racist and hates the poor. Teachers I’ve talked to see it as lesser of two evils. If you disagree fine but the insults are idiotic 

Fyi sils school went virtual because someone within the school building was found infected with CV.  And this is generally a lower middle class almost all Caucasian district in the boonies.

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43 minutes ago, O'Neal's said:

De Blasio changed his mind because of the science. Science that is ignored by people posting here.

Who gets hurt the most with schools being closed? What demographics? The people in the media and in this forum are hurting the poor and minorities with this type of old way to think. School districts have lost students with the virtual learning where they have no idea where those students are. No contact by phone or door knocks. Then just last week some major school district's across the country say that the increase in failures is 40 percent or more. Some are astronomical changes. And the same old tired replies to posts that say schools should open up. Racist behavior by the school district's. 


Small world, I went to school in fairfax county. My permanent residence is still there. 

The increase in failures is more of a failure of the kids and parents than the teachers. What happened to personal responsibility? Not sure why kids have to be coddled in order to not fail their classes. 

I was never one of those types who could pay attention in class. Pretty much depended on textbooks and powerpoints to teach me everything. But I digress. 

I will personally admit that virtual learning disproportionately hurts lower income families more than anyone else. There is absolutely no doubt about that. But the disparity between low income and high income families in education will always remain, it's a matter of how big that gap is. The stay at home measures are only temporary. One year of lower quality public education will not make or break anyone's future, but losing one's parents early on to COVID-19 can. Losing thousands of teachers (due to worker strikes and infections) when this country already has a teacher shortage can. 

The temporary decrease in education quality is more than worth the decrease in chances of spreading this virus, in my opinion. 


By the way, I do take exception to the accusation of racism for supporting virtual learning. Especially as a minority myself from the same country you linked. 


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