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Tonight August 29 from 5 pm to 12 am PST Vanguard Music and Performing Arts will be presenting their Front and Center Virtual Fundraiser, 7 hours of special guests, interactive segments, member highlights, and never before seen video footage.

For more information concerning this event, please click on the following link.

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Finally, an alternative to re-runs of 90 Day Fiance on Saturday nights.(I'm disturbingly hooked on that train wreck) Thanks for the heads up. I'll be tuned in. 

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That’s a wrap! A HUGE thank you to everyone that stood with us and helped us surpass our $100,000 goal for the Front and Center 2020 Virtual Gala! We are so incredibly grateful for the support of all of our friends, family, alumni, alumni families, and fans; we could not have made this goal without you! We are permanently in awe of the generosity that we have experienced in the last 24 hours. There truly is no place like Santa Clara!

Don’t worry, if you didn’t get the chance to donate, the campaign will remain open for the next several weeks with a new goal of $150,000!

We enjoyed celebrating with all of you, so much in fact, that the Front and Center Virtual Gala will continue to be available for those who were unable to attend or for anyone who wants to relive the fun! Visit us here on Facebook at Santa Clara Vanguard to stream the recording and go to to donate!


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