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Hey folks, newbie here who has marched and been a fan of drum corps for many years. Like everyone else, I am hoping we return to normalcy in time for the DC season to begin. It will be interesting to see how recruiting is affected by missing last season. Hopefully it is minimal. 

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Welcome TH.  Hoping for a season is about all everyone has for now.  Catch up with the other threads and you should get a feel of where the season is and the thoughts of others here on DCP.  Oh yeah Rook,  you bring the donuts and coffee tomorrow. Ten coffees and a dozen mixed donuts please.   Carry on.

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It's good to have you on board.

What's your marching background? (There's no obligation to disclose it. I'm just curious.)

Some of us have been in the activity since the '60s. Like me, they are dinosaurs, slower but still strong and plenty crafty. Others think of 2015 as "the old days", and they bring the good fresh vibe to the tribe.

You'll fit right in, somewhere along the continuum.

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