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12 hours ago, O'Neal's said:

Ends up it was probably an update or script issues on their site side. I'm sorry it was not bad news for anyone to latch onto. 

The only thing I latch onto is chocolate and Oreo cookies.  Mmmmm so good.

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Schedule of 2021 events leading into Indianapolis ( On the (Re)Starting Line… ( Saturday, July 24 -- Southern California Pacific Crest Gold Impulse Watchmen Sund

No Crown  

I figured the Bluecoats wrong, thought they were doing the midwest thing, but looks like they were persuaded to go East.


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  This was put out by a corps. I think this echoes a lot of the sediment here, we are not against having a season but there are still many variables out there

We are cautiously optimistic about real, live drum corps this summer. However, please know that the best source of information regarding official really great   Drum Corps events is the official really great Drum Corps website. While speculative dates may have been announced, many of these dates are NOT confirmed by the participating organizations and could be moved. We, too, are anxious to gather together - safely. But don’t go buying your plane tickets just yet. Our website, emails, and social media accounts are the best sources of information on our event dates. We appreciate your patience and understanding!


and this is the corps putting it out

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On 3/31/2021 at 1:41 PM, waliman4444 said:

Are the CADETS appearing in two shows on August 10th?

Tuesday, August 10 -- Southwest, OH area
The Cavaliers
Boston Crusaders
The Cadets
Spirit of Altanta
Music City

Tuesday, August 10 -- Marion, IN
Blue Stars
Colt Cadets
Phantom Regiment
The Cadets   OOPS!:doh:
Madison Scouts
Heat Wave

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I guess now they have to figure out where each performance site will be and protocols with local, county and state covid rules about hosting events. I see some So. Cal events with few corps participating. BD has a huge fan base in S. Cal so I don't see people being drawn to shows with no headliners performing like BD or Santa Clara. 

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