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What will corps do at the shows?

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23 hours ago, Rich Cline said:

Not disputing what has happened in your state/ county/ or school district but that needs to happen in every state/ county for these groups to even travel between competition/exhibition locations.

You have been a 'Financial Hawk' regarding each organization's finances. Are you now saying that contest/promoters or other promoters would take a financial loss just to have a drum corps show?

I don't think so. That makes no business sense.

Your estimate of 6000 fans concert side at Lucas Oil Stadium could barley begin to cover the costs of the the stadium rental ( power/ security/ medical response teams/ police presence/ aux parking subsidies/  advertising/ tv promo's/ advertising/ and so much more that I cannot even imagine what an Indy budget would cost.

We have'nt even included TV rights,/ permits/ transmissions for FLO or some other company to transmit/stream the event.

I believe that If DCI management manages to create some type of gathering at "Indy", it will be at a huge cost with limited return and will not be even a 'break even' event. Can DCI continue or will DCI "the organization" be another financial idea "Gone" because of the pandemic?

Time will tell, prove me wrong, but I'm not optimistic that a return will happen soon and it is more to likely happen over a following season or more due to the current confusion and current history.

again, just going off of what i had seen for guidelines elsewhere. also understanding the DCi contract with LucasEcho, the smaller the crowd, the less the costs. otherwise 2009-2010 would have crippled DCI based on crowd size.

And even if say they do allow 22,000 on concert side like usual...will they actually get 22,000? Don't count on me, but I wasn't going anyway. But i know several people that would normally go that are holding off. with 3 major names not going, that also takes away a sizable chunk of fans/parents

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16 hours ago, rpbobcat said:

Wasn't sure where to post this.

Usually DCI has Big Loud Live on Thursday night of Finals Week.

Has anyone heard if they are considering any type of theater broadcast

for this year ?



nope. to be honest we have heard pretty much nothing other than something is happening for 3 days in Indy with most of the corps

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13 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

I really hope DCI is able to pull off 2021 without killing the activity. 

But at some point there needs to be a reality check.

The devil is in the details.  DCI 2021 is like a chain.  There is a financial link, a transportation link, an overnight lodging link, a member/staff Covid/health link etc, etc.  If one link breaks, the then the entire chain fails.

I just hope someone at DCI has the authority & intestinal fortitude to toss in in the towel if it becomes apparent that 2021 just won't work.

To echo others on this board - Drum Corps financials are flimsy at best.  The last thing Corps need to do is throw good money after bad.


at this stage, barring an India style outbreak, they will plunge forward. luckily the reduced schedule for both spring training and the shows will help keep costs lower than usual. i haven't looked to see what kids will be charged for the shortened experience

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13 hours ago, O'Neal's said:

If you take a look at the recent UFC event which was indoor masks wearing was up to the individual. 


and Darwin smiled

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12 hours ago, JimF-LowBari said:

One of the reasons why PA opened up Covid shots to all earlier than expected. Estimated the date based on number of vaccines available and number of people in the first groups.

Then found out there were a lot of open appointments because people are refusing to get the vaccine. There’s a scary thought when with maskless people....

right because how do you know who was and was not vaccinated?


you don't.

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12 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

Somewhere in the most recent set of press releases DCI has stated there will be no spectators in the lot...😒

and will they police it? I can see it now some Allentown event volunteer dealing with a bunch of drummers that tailgated all day refusing to leave because they want clean beats with flashy visuals before the group ##### out tap rolls on the move.

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11 hours ago, Jurassic Lancer said:

CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors, except in crowded settings 

The guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the latest set of recommendations for people who are two weeks past their final shot and for those who have not yet been inoculated. The guidelines address growing calls from infectious-disease and other public health experts to relax mask mandates for the outdoors because breezes disperse airborne virus particles, distancing is easier, and humidity and sunlight render the coronavirus less viable. 

For that reason, the guidance also says even unvaccinated individuals may go without masks when walking, jogging or biking outdoors with household members. However, officials caution that crowded outdoor settings still pose risks and urge everyone — both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals — to wear masks when attending sporting events, live performances and parades.

From today’s Washington Post

great....another Indy rent a cop getting trashed for trying to enforce the rules.

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4 hours ago, Poppycock said:

This dog and pony show in Indy is not about supporting the individual groups performing whatever it is they decide to perform, it’s about re-funding DCI. I applaud those organizations who decided to sit this one out. 

one thing tho...by charter, DCI has to funnel funds from DCI events back to the corps.


so the corps will get a piece of that pie

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33 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

one thing tho...by charter, DCI has to funnel funds from DCI events back to the corps.


so the corps will get a piece of that pie

And if there is a loss, do the member corps chip in to keep DCI’s offices open? Or does DCI live off its credit cards? 
(I’m not convinced they are going to turn a profit.)

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16 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

and finally, an open roof and you have black fabric in the back flying everywhere.

The black backdrop used during the 2000 Finals Week held up ok for an outdoors stadium.  Just a little wavy at times . 

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