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Interesting Attendance Concept

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17 minutes ago, JimF-LowBari said:

Got any “relatives” you can live with 😆

First college roommate “officially” lived in Glen Campbell, PA (yes it’s a real place). I asked what it was like and he didn’t really know. He lived in NJ and grannie lived in GC. But it was a state college so state residents paid a lot less. So grannie would get his mail from the college and forward it to NJ

PS the guy is now a lawyer 😇

I wonder if they have clamped down on that since because my school appears to require a lot of proof to qualify for in-state tuition, not to mention at least one year of already having done so.

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1 hour ago, oldbandguy said:

You have to take a written test of 17 questions.  The answer to 16 of these is "Michigan sucks".

#17      Question   Oh ?


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Guess I can say I’m preparing for 2022 shows. Just finished (FINALLY) setting up for EZ Pass for PA and other states turnpikes to pay the tolls. Where I live it’s almost the only way to go east and west...... 

First use might be June for the DC Museum to give Bill Ives some stuff. 😃

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3 hours ago, rpbobcat said:

#17      Question   Oh ?


# 17. Which drum corps is the best in the world?

Answer: (Hint: It doesn’t hail from California) 

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