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Interesting Attendance Concept

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On 5/6/2021 at 9:44 AM, rpbobcat said:

Yesterday New York announced yesterday that they would be modifying seating capacity for Yankee Stadium,City Field and Buffalo's baseball stadium.

Basically they are creating separate sections for vaccinated and non-vaccinated people.

The vaccinated sections will allow 100% capacity.

Non-vaccinated sections 33% capacity.

This does,as the teams admit,create some logistical issues.

But the increased capacity is worth it.

Obviously,this approach isn't viable for smaller venues.

But could work at LOS



Ridiculous! If you are vaccinated, why would you care who is or isn't? Just another way to divide an already divided country. Just move and let's get back to living life the way we were meant to: together.

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32 minutes ago, Lance said:


it's just as divisive to require vaccinated people to sit with social distancing requirements, which is exactly what would be required if everybody sits "together".  

no matter the arrangement, one group is dictating to another.  hardly "together", and it does nothing to eliminate any divide.  

the ridiculous thing to me is that people are stupid enough to get all riled up about this.  incredibly stupid.  politicians are going to have a good time with this, lol. 

i do wonder how these same themes are impacting dci performers and staff, if at all.  

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2 minutes ago, Lance said:

sorry, i meant on social media.  what's going on in here is tame by comparison.  i wasn't directing anything at you, terri. 

i'll delete my post since i wasn't very clear. 

I was a young woman down in Alabama for DCI championships in 1979.  I saw an African-American family come into a restaurant and NO ONE would wait on them. I watched this and when they got up to leave, I did, too.  No way I would patronize a place that would treat them any differently than myself.  I grew up in a different era so I admit that I am hyper sensitive to any sort of discrimination.  And I find this segregated seating discriminatory. 

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