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I’m very boring. This is my fourth one.  The only thing that changes is the color. 🤷‍♀️ I only get groceries, Target runs, and Costco under normal circumstances.  But I am forbidden from Costco for th

The pandemic artificially held prices down for the past year; that effect is wearing off. Also, OPEC has reduced production. But the biggest driver of supply right now is a lack of drivers. 

I hear it. There are seriously tons of people who believe the Holocaust never happened. The Moon landing was all made up. Covid is all a govt conspiracy and to top it off some people who were dying in

12 hours ago, DFA1970 said:

Because it's a short term issue that will resolve. Two weeks from now it's history. And this issue had nothing to do with supply. It's was about delivery. Using reserves would have not solved supplying it. 

right. however you can't convince people of that

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5 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

I wonder how much the owners would pay if DCP forums were attacked & locked?


they'd probably ask for money to take it back once the hackers actually saw the place

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On 5/14/2021 at 12:03 PM, Ghost said:

two night stands.  About two hours work and three beers.  

Wow... since I've never even had a one night stand, I had no idea that two-nighters involved such a relatively small amount of time and alcohol!

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I work at a Ford dealership. All Fords have auto start/stop and I think that has been the case since the 2018 model year.  To my knowledge, there is no direct law mandating this technology but the Federal fuel economy standards (known as the CAFE standards) are getting so stringent that manufacturers are having to do this to help get to the new requirements.

I think the prevalence of EVS should bring down gasoline costs, not raise them.  Supply and demand.

Getting back on topic, I don't think fuel prices or food costs will impact the corps much this year.  In Boston's case, their move-in isn't until the first of July.  They will spend nearly the entire month in Vermont at their traditional location , then have thee shows in the Boston area (plus several local non-field show performances), then head out to Indy with shows in Allentown and Ohio on the way.  They are looking at probably only about 2000 miles of total travel instead of over 12,000 miles with tour lasting a little over two weeks.

As I have said before, each corps has decided what is best for them, their finances, and their membership.  This bridge tour is designed to be budget friendly and it would seem that would be the case.  The kids have been auditioning in droves, so the pent up demand is certainly there.  I can't wait!



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3 hours ago, JimF-LowBari said:

People who won’t believe anything the govt or anyone in charge says. County Jeff and I live in have that wide of range of beliefs. Some will listen and/or study the facts. And some were “born saying no and will probably die saying it” (paraphrase from 1776).

Ok. I get it. So they believe in the fairy godmother?

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