Introducing myself, my book, my website

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Hi, my name's Chuck Braman, and I'm a jazz drummer from New York City.

r/drums - Introducing myself, my book, my website

Many years ago, in the late 1980s, I spent 3-years writing and self-publishing a 176-page book on rhythm and drum technique called Drumming Patterns.

At the time, the book was well-reviewed in magazines such as Modern Drummer and Downbeat and received strong endorsements from Louie Bellson, Jim Chapin, Ed Soph, and others.

However, because I moved to New York shortly after printing the book and became immersed in survival, I never promoted the book properly and it never found the audience that I believe it deserves.

My goal last year during the lockdown was to finally design and develop a great e-commerce website for the book and promote it properly. As part of this process, I recreated all of the original files to be able to make the chapters available as free and paid downloads; created a 20-minute long animated video to explain the concept behind the book and compare and contrast that concept to the rudiments and Stick Control; and created a blog where I've made available for free probably close to a hundred transcriptions of the intricate time-keeping of jazz drummers such as Roy Haynes and Paul Motian. 

Of particular interest to members of this forum would be that, because the book takes a systematic approach to defining drum technique, it also defines which of the rudiments are in fact fundamental techniques and which are not; and what fundamental techniques are left out of the rudiments. Essentially, the book fills in the gaps between previously identified fundamental patterns, such as many of the rudiments, with previously unidentified fundamental patterns.

I would imagine that this approach could cause some controversy and debate on this forum, hopefully all friendly and constructive, which I would welcome!

I'm new to this forum, and I would value and appreciate any feedback any members might be willing to share regarding the site and its content. I also hope that the community might find value in it. There is quite a lot on the site that is downloadable for free, including the first 23-pages of the book.

You can find it at

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