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Bluecoats 2021 show announcement

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In the old days drum corps brought back tunes repeatedly. There were standards that were played year to year, or show tags that got played often. It's funny how things change when you get used to seeing a lot of new material. I think the show will be fresh and filled with different tunes by the Beatles. In a year with no judging and not as many shows this is a good time to have some fun and continue to explore something that worked for you in 2019. Would Bloo do this show if this was a full competitive season? I don't know. Maybe. But considering the circumstances this is a great year to explore, have fun, and try to rebuild your corps. 

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oooh, love the percussion writing.  i feel like the opportunities for both battery and front ensemble writing are pretty much unlimited for the music of the beatles.  you could build on worse than mccartney, ringo, and martin, right?

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