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  • Phantom56 changed the title to TICKET SALES?

So when is the first show? 
And possible connection between this and nothing on web broadcast?

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  I received an email in April from a corps saying to expect ticket sales as well as actual locations of shows around June 1.  


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If you are talking about East Coast shows, I can only speak for Massachusetts, but my understanding is more information from show sponsors Boston Crusaders (Lawrence and Quincy) and Beanpot (Lynn) will be available in early June. The delay is due to restrictions.  Restrictions were supposed to be lifted in August but it is now happening much earlier. With some of the past restrictions, selling tickets for August  by section posed difficulties and there were questions about monitoring. Most likely this will not be an issue since many restrictions will be lifted on May 29th. However there are exceptions and local issues. Restrictions are only lifted in areas that are not  in the “red zone” and are reinstated if a town or city is in the “red zone” in the future. Even with numbers way down, Lawrence where one show is being held has been in the “red zone” continuously since the fall and as of now is not lifting all restrictions. Lynn still goes in and out if the “red zone.” Quincy will most likely not be a problem.

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Oh hmm.  I zapped my Flo sub back when it was apparent no marching arts were going to happen for a year.  Not sure what's being webcasted by whom when for what this year.

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5 minutes ago, KVG_DC said:

Looks like July 31 things start on the Flo.

I'll mark my calendar for Mid July to consider again.  




Thanks, getting ready to pay my credit card online. Then turn around and Jack it back up with DCA and DCI

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